SD Board of Regents
306 East Capitol Ave
Suite 200
Pierre, SD 57501
605 773 3455

Tentative Agenda

South Dakota Board of Regents

March 28-30, 2017

Black Hills State University

Student Union

Spearfish, SD


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3:00 – 5:00 P.M.       1.    Regents’ Workshop – Jacket Legacy Room, Room 202

A. University Business Auxiliary Plans


5:30-7:30 P.M.          Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matters, Board of Regents and BHSU Tom Jackson, Jr.

Dinner – President’s Conference Room, Room 205


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

8:00-9:30 A.M.        Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matters, Board of Regents and USD President James Abbott

  Breakfast – President’s Conference Room, Room 205

9:30-11:00 A.M.    2.    Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matters, Pending and Prospective Litigation, Contractual Matters, and to Consult with

Legal Counsel – President’s Conference Room, Room 205

11:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.  Executive Session to Discuss Personnel Matters – Board of Regents and DSU President José-Marie Griffiths

Lunch – President’s Conference Room, Room 205

1:00 P.M.               Regents Convene – Jacket Legacy Room, Room 202 

3.     Board Work

A. Approval of the Agenda
B. Declaration of Conflicts
C. Approval of the Minutes – Meetings on December 6-8, 2016; January 20, 2017; January 30, 2017;
     February 24, 2017; March 10, 2017

D. Rolling Calendar
E. BOR Policy Format Changes
F. Election of Officers 


4.       Consent Agenda

Academic and Student Affairs

A. Resolution of Recognition

B. Program Modifications
      1) Black Hills State University
      2) SD School of Mines & Technology
      3) South Dakota State University
      4) University of South Dakota

C. New Certificate Requests
      1) BHSU – Social Media (Undergrad)
      2) USD – Arts in Health Certificate (Undergrad & Graduate)
      3) USD – Business Analytics Certificate (Graduate)
      4) USD – Marketing Certificate (Graduate)
      5) USD – Operations and Supply Chain Management Certificate (Graduate)

D. MS in Nursing – Clinical Nursing Leadership
      1) New Specialization Requests – SDSU – Clinical Nurse Leader Specialization and Nurse Administrator  Specialization
      2) Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – SDSU

E. New Program Requests
      1) SDSU – Minor in Design Studies
      2) SDSU – Minor in Graphic Design
      3) SDSU – Minor in Inclusion and Equity

F. New Site Request – SDSU – BS in Psychology

G. Agreements on Academic Cooperation
     1) Northern State University
     2) SD School of Mines & Technology
     3) South Dakota State University
     4) University of South Dakota

H. Memorandum of Understanding – USD & LERN

I. Naming Requests – SDSU & USD

J. Student Organization Award Winners for 2016

K. DSU Naming Request – The Courtyard Hall and Learning Engagement Center


Budget and Finance

L. M&R Projects 

5. Planning and Resource Development

A. Welcome and Presentation by BHSU President Tom Jackson, Jr.

B. Student Organization Awards

1) BHSU (Presented by Lois Flagstad, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Life)
2) SDSM&T (Presented by Pat Mahon, Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students)

C. Reports on Individual Regent Activities

D. Report and Actions of Executive Session

E. Report of the Executive Director

F. BHSU Foundation Report

G. 2017 Legislative Overview


6. Academic and Student Affairs

A. Student Federation Report

B. Institutional Items of Information

C. New Program Requests

1) DSU – AS in Software Development
2) SDSU – AS in Construction Technology
3) SDSU – AS in Sociology
4) USD – AA in Graphic and Web Design (US-SF)  (Revised 3/23/2017)
     a. Rate Approval for USD Certificates in Graphic Design and Web Design at University Center-Sioux Falls

D. Intent to Plan – SDSU – BS in Leadership and Management of Nonprofit Organizations

E. Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests

F. Programs Approved for Online and Off-Campus Delivery

G. University Center – Sioux Falls Update

H. BOR Policy 2:23 Revision – Program and Curriculum Approval (Second Reading)

I.  BOR Policy 1:5 Revision – Executive Director (First Reading)

J. BOR Policy 1:21 Revisions – System Strategic Goals (First Reading)

K. BOR Policies 2:7 and 2:26 Revisions – Gen Ed Credit Distribution (First Reading)

L. BOR Policy 1:30 Revision – Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy (Emergency Approval)

M. Program Modification – Accelerated Track

1) MS in Sociology – SDSU
2) MS in Computer Science – USD

N. General Education Program Modifications

O. College Application Week

P. Proactive Admissions 


7. Budget and Finance


A. Building Committee Report

B. Capital Project List  (REVISED 03/28/2017)

C. BOR Policy 4:47 Revision – Background Checks

D. SDSM&T Math Initiative

E. FY17 HEFF M&R Allocation Adjustment

F. BOR Policy 5:5 – Tuition & Fees: General Procedures (Emergency Approval)

G. BOR Policy 5:11 – Personal Dues and Subscriptions (Second Reading)

H. BOR Policy 5:25 – Auxiliary Revenue System (Second Reading)

I. Residence Hall Occupancy Report for Fall 2016/Spring 2017

J. USD North Commons Renovation Preliminary Facility Statement

K. FY17 General Bill Amendments

L. FY18 Budget Summary

M. 2016-2017 Regional Tuition Survey

N. FY18 Tuition & Fee Overview

O. FY18 On-Campus Tuition & Mandatory Fees

P. FY18 System, Discipline, Delivery, and Vehicle Registration Fees

Q. FY18 Off-Campus Tuition Rates

R. FY18 Housing and Food Service Rates

S. FY18 Special Schools Nonresident Tuition

T. FY18 Graduate Assistant Stipends

U. SDSU Replacement of Bond and Utility Fee with General Activity Fee

V. BHSU Tuition Structure Proposal 


5:00 – 5:30 P.M.

Campus Community Forum – Jacket Legacy Room, Room 202

5:30 P.M.

Reception – Joy Center (1351 St. Joe Street)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

7:30 A.M.         Breakfast Meeting with Area Legislators – Regents, Dr. Rush, President Jackson, President Wilson, Student Federation Representatives –
                         President’s Conference Room, Room 205

9:00 A.M.         Regents Reconvene, Jacket Legacy Room, Room 202

12:00 P.M.        Adjourn.