Online Resources for High School Counselors


The South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR) and its six public universities provide online access to various resources. These resources provide information to he general public and K-12 educators as well as assist high school counselors in responding to questions from students and parents.


South Dakota Board of Regents

  •   K-12 Educators Information
  •   South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship
  •   Endowed Scholarships for High School Students
  •   Credit by Validation
  •   High School to College Transition Report
  •   System Academic Policies
  •   Placement Guidelines
  •   Healthcare Career Educational Opportunities

Black Hills State University

  •   Enrollment and Admissions
  •   Campus Visits
  •   Class Schedules
  •   Scholarships and Financial Aid
  •   Career Services
  •   Orientation/Pre-Register Early Program
  •   Honors Program
  •   Student Life

Dakota State University

  •   Academic Programs Available
  •   Admissions
  •   Scholarship, Financial Aid and Tuition and Fee Information
  •   Athletics and Student Activities
  •   Student Services
  •   Parent Information
  •   City of Madison Community Information
  •   Quick Links

Northern State University

  •   Rising Scholars Program
  •   Tuition and Fee Information
  •   NSU Facts and Figures
  •   Admissions

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

  •   Admissions
  •   General Information on SDSMT
  •   Frequently Asked Questions
  •   Financial Aid Information
  •   Career Planning
  •   Summer Educational Opportunities

South Dakota State University

  •   College and Department Information
  •   Academic Programs
  •   Admissions
  •   Athletic Information
  •   Student Life - Activities and Services

University of South Dakota

  • School Counselor Resources
  • Admissions Information
  • Visit Programs
  • Academic Programs
  • Cost & Aid
  • NCAA Division I Athletics
  • Campus Life

Electronic University Consortium


South Dakota CollegePrep Project

  •   Planning for College Information
  •   Course Information
  •   Scholarship and Financial Information
  •   Admissions Information
  •   Student and Parent Information
  •   Infinite Campus -- Supplemental Instructions to extract Student Addresses