CollegePrep Project Student Mailing Addresses


A 2002 state law requires that each year all public school districts in South Dakota provide the Board of Regents with a mailing list of all students grades 7-12.  The sole use of these addresses is to mail college preparation information; we do not share or sell this information to any other source.  In fact, state law explicitly directs the Board of Regents to treat all information disclosed for this project as confidential. 

We ask that you please submit data items electronically (preferably as an Excel document) via email to for your 7th through 12th grade students by December 11, 2017. These can be submitted as one document; you do not need to send separate lists for each grade level.  As a reminder: state law requires you to not forward data for any student whose parent has directed that your school district withhold directory information about the student.  A supplemental excel spreadsheet template can be found at the link below for your use.




REMINDER:  Due December 11, 2017

Once completed, please submit these documents via email (preferably as an Excel document) to the following BOR staff member: 


Student Service Coordinator
South Dakota Board of Regents
306 East Capitol Ave, Suite 200
Pierre, SD 57501
(Ph) 605-773-3455