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Reduced Tuition - Graduate Assistantships

Background Information:


The South Dakota Board of Regents established a graduate assistantship program that offers financial assistance in exchange for technical expertise.  Grouped according to focus, types of assistantships include teaching, research, and administrative.  The exact nature of each position is contingent upon departmental assignment and current need; time commitment equates to approximately 20 hours per week throughout the entire semester. 


Consistent with BOR policy 5:22, graduate assistants receive a special tuition rate for both state-support and self-support course work. 

  • State support courses (those that are offered on a main campus and involve face-to-face instruction):  tuition is assessed at 1/3 the resident graduate rate; standard fees also apply.   
  • Self-support courses (those that are offered at learning centers and various off-campus locations and those that entail distance learning):  tuition is assessed at 1/3 graduate self-support rate (plus the university support fee and the average general activity fee). 

Beyond these reductions in tuition, every graduate assistant earns a stipend for work performed during the term. 

Understandably, the selection process for all assistantship positions is rigorous and competitive.  But if selected, the student is afforded an exceptional opportunity to acquire both professional experience and financial resources that support pursuit of an advanced degree. 

Basic eligibility requirements include:

  • Unconditional acceptance by the Graduate School
  • Degree-seeking status
  • Good academic standing
  • Active course registration for the number of credits as defined by the university

Application Process:


Each campus manages the application process differently.  See campus-specific details and links below:



Contact Dr. Curtis Card (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs) at this email address: or the Academic Affairs office at (605) 642-6262.


Click on this link; the website features forms and submission information:


Refer to this link, which includes directions for obtaining and submitting the necessary forms.


Information regarding assistantships can be found here: You can obtain additional details by directly contacting the academic department of interest. 


The application/selection process is administered by each individual department that offers graduate assistantships.  As a first step, identify the department from which you hope to secure an assistantship and contact the department chairman for additional details.


Access information through this link:

This website includes links for the application and a delineation of university rules and regulations.