Dependents of Prisoner of War or those Missing in Action


Background Information


South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL § 13-55-9.2) was designed to provide support to dependents of those who are missing in action or prisoners of war.  Dependents include the following groups:

  • A child born before or during the period of time when the parent was declared missing in action (MIA) or taken as a prisoner of war (POW)
  • A child either legally adopted or in legal custody of the parent during the time frame described above
  • The spouse (if not legally separated) of the individual who is MIA or a POW

In order for the dependent to qualify, the parent/spouse who is MIA or a POW must meet these requirements:

  • Official state of residency listed as South Dakota
  • Declaration of POW or MIA status by the United States Secretary of Defense

For those who qualify, tuition and fees will be waived for eight semesters of course work (either full or part-time study).  Please note:  this waiver applies exclusively to state-support courses (primarily those that are campus-based, centers and involve face-to-face instruction).  Alternately stated, the waiver does not apply to self-support courses (other off-campus locations as well as those that entail distance learning). 


Application Process


  1. Print this form (E-12 Veteran’s Dependents or Survivors Application for Free Tuition); complete the top section.
  2. Submit the E-12 form to the South Dakota Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (website: http://mva.sd.gov/default.html).  The department will provide the necessary validation and return the completed form to you. 
  3. Present the form to the Registrar’s Office at your home university. 

For additional details about this program, contact Shane Olivier at the SDDMVA (605-773-3648 or 605-773-4981).  


University Contacts 


For follow-up questions pertaining to the status of your application, please contact the university office as specified:

  • Black Hills State University - Spearfish: David Dodge, Veterans Affairs Office:  642-6415
  • Dakota State University - Madison:  Admissions:  256-5139
  • Northern State University - Aberdeen:  Ronald E. Brownie, Director, Online & Continuing Education/Military Veteran Affairs Officer: 626-2​568​
  • South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - Rapid City: Registrar and Academic Services Office:  394-2400
  • South Dakota State University - Brookings:  Michelle Kuebler, Admissions:  688-4121
  • University of South Dakota - Vermillion:  Registrar's Office:  677-5339