Children and Spouses of National Guardsmen Disabled or Deceased in the Line of Duty


Background Information


Through SDCL § 13-55-10, the state legislature arranged academic support for the dependents of deceased and disabled national guardsmen.  This includes both children (24 years of age or younger) and spouses.  Eligibility requirements are featured below:

  • South Dakota resident
  • Child or spouse of a national guard member
  • Guard member suffered death or total and permanent disability
  • Causal damage resulted from service as a member of the South Dakota National Guard during active duty (state or national) or authorized training

Eligible students will be granted a 100% tuition waiver.  This waiver applies exclusively to tuition, not to fees. 



Application Process


  1. Print this form (E-12 Veteran’s Dependents or Survivors Application for Free Tuition); complete the top section.
  2. Submit the E-12 form to the South Dakota Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (website:  The department will provide the necessary validation and return the completed form to you. 
  3. Present the form to the Registrar’s Office at your home university. 


For additional details about this program, contact Shane Olivier at the SDDMVA (605-773-3648 or 605-773-4981).