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Research Affairs Council
The Research Affairs Council (RAC) shall consist of the Chief Research Officer or other president’s appointee from each institution under the Board’s control that has a research mission.  Other individuals, such as the State EPSCoR Director, will serve in an ex-officio capacity.  The Council shall be chaired by the Executive Director or his or her designee.  The Research Affairs Council shall, at the request of the Board, the Executive Director, or the Council of Presidents and Superintendents, perform duties, conduct studies, and make recommendations to the Board through the Council of Presidents and Superintendents.
  • 2009 Meeting Schedule / Materials

The Research Affairs Council is created to provide leadership and coordination for the system’s research agenda and for maximizing the system’s investment in research infrastructure, including equipment, facilities, human resources, and programs.  As such, the Council shall create, maintain, and update a statewide plan for the development of research capacity within the Regental system, including a plan that promotes interactions among the campuses, interactions between the campuses and other entities in the state, and interactions between the system and applicable funding agencies and other research-based organizations.  The Council shall recommend policy that facilitates and encourages research in a manner that takes full advantage of the collective expertise of system personnel and in a manner that contributes to the broader goals of the State of South Dakota.  
The Research Affairs Council shall prepare and maintain a mechanism for goal-setting, monitoring of progress, and evaluating the system’s research performance in an ongoing manner.  The Council shall make use of metrics and benchmarks that track research performance relative to other states and appropriate peer institutions.  The Council shall keep the Board informed of research productivity on a regular basis.  
Source: BOR Policy 1:7:11