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Non-faculty Exempt Compensation Philosophy

Non-Faculty Exempt are employees that are not faculty but are exempt from the State Career Service System based on South Dakota Codified Law 3-6A-13. These are employees who perform administrative and professional/technical support functions.


The University System utilizes two common pay distribution systems: market-based pay and individual equity based pay. Under such a pay system, the compensation offered to employees for positions is priced according to the various labor markets where the employer competes for talent. A basic premise of the market-based pay philosophy is that employers be able to effectively compete in a variety of markets to attract and retain qualified employees. Individual equity is the extent to which employees are compensated for individual performance. Therefore, a link always exists between external competitiveness and the internal values of work. For this reason, SDBOR does not provide a flat percent across the board but rather supports a market based individual equity pay system.