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Historic South Dakota Documents


Kingsbury, Smith, Dakota Territory: It’s History and It’s People,+its+History+and+its+People&ots=RZK6Fh8Gh7&sig=WM-lnLpoA5A_yghYN9VJP9ue4Mo#v=onepage&q=Dakota%20Territory%2C%20its%20History%20and%20its%20People&f=false


Cooley’s Constitutional Limitations


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United States Statutes At Large 1789 -2007

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Story’s Commentaries on the United States Constitution


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The Founders' Constitution

Library of Congress: United States Congressional Documents and Debates 1774 -1875


Kappler’s Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties


Felix S. Cohen: Handbook of Federal Indian Law

Washington Higher Education Secretariat


North Central Association of Colleges and Schools: Higher Learning Commission _ Accredited South Dakota Institutions,/form_submitted,TRUE/institution,/showquery,/siteOrg,none/state,SD/submit,Search/


The Federalist Papers (Clinton Rossiter, ed. 1961)