Your Future is Here! South Dakota Board of Regents                                                                                 December 20, 2010      

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Transfer Agreement Offers New Options for Tech School Students

Credit-transfer agreements between The University of South Dakota and Mitchell Technical Institute will make it easier for MTI students to complete a bachelor of science degree in health sciences.


Public Universities Bring Academic Offerings to Wider Audience

The public university system in South Dakota is focused on delivering its academic programs to a wider audience through technology and other forms of off-campus delivery. It’s all part of a strategic direction to enroll and graduate more citizens with college degrees and bring postsecondary opportunities to more South Dakotans.




SDSU Adds General Studies Degree for ‘Ready Adults’

Students who have been away from college for a while may just need a little extra encouragement to return and finish a degree. The South Dakota public university system’s new bachelor of general studies degree is designed to do just that. And now, that degree will also be offered at South Dakota State University.


Productivity Review Results in More Academic Program Adjustments

Earlier this year, the South Dakota public university system terminated 37 academic programs and 109 specializations within academic majors as part of a comprehensive program productivity review across all campuses. This week, the Board of Regents adopted more programmatic adjustments as part of its continuing efficiency focus.