Your Future is Here! South Dakota Board of Regents                                                                               October 12, 2012     

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New Options Added to Minor and Certificate Offerings

The South Dakota Board of Regents approved a new minor in sport management at Northern State University and a certificate program in business analytics at Dakota State University.




20,000-Plus Students Take a Distance Education Course

A new report delivered to the South Dakota Board of Regents documents the growing popularity of distance course delivery. More than 20,000 students enrolled in at least one distance course in the public university system last year.

USD Students Honored for Outstanding Work

Student organizations from The University of South Dakota were recognized for their outstanding academic, community, and organizational work by the South Dakota Board of Regents.


Other News



Public University System Gains 327 Students

Fall enrollment at South Dakota’s six public universities remains stable. After a slight dip last year, headcount enrollment is up by 327 students, nearly a one percent increase, the South Dakota Board of Regents announced Tuesday. Full-time equivalent enrollment, however, was down less than one percent following a modest increase the previous year.



Double-Digit Graduation Growth at South Dakota Public Universities

As public university students returned for another academic year, the South Dakota Board of Regents reports that more of them are graduating from the higher education system than ever before. The total number of students graduating with an associate or bachelor degree at the six public universities has increased by 21 percent since 2005.