Your Future is Here! South Dakota Board of Regents                                                                                 May 23, 2011      

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New Minors Prepare Students in Business and Education Fields

Four minors and a new certificate program will be offered at three South Dakota public universities in business and education fields, each designed to equip students with specialized skills found to be in high demand by South Dakota employers.

Northern State Students Honored for Outstanding Work

The South Dakota Board of Regents have given special awards to three student organizations at Northern State University for their academic excellence, community service, and organizational leadership.


Regents to Administer Dakota Corps Scholarship

A statewide scholarship program aimed at keeping students in South Dakota to pursue careers in critical-need occupations will soon be administered by the state’s public university system.


Other News



Universities Partner with K-12 Schools to Improve Math and Science

Seven projects involving public universities and K-12 schools will benefit from nearly $350,000 in federal grant funding to improve science and mathematics instruction in middle and high schools.