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For Immediate Release 7 May, 1999

Board of Regents Honors SDSU Student Groups

BROOKINGS-The South Dakota Board of Regents, meeting today on the campus of South Dakota State University, presented awards to two student organizations from South Dakota State University. President Harvey C. Jewett, IV, presented the awards on the Board’s behalf. "The Board is proud to recognize outstanding student groups. It is organizations like those we honor today that nurture tomorrow’s professional leaders," said Jewett.

Bob Tomlinson, Dean of Student Affairs at SDSU, presented the groups to the Regents. "SDSU benefits greatly from student organizations like these that demonstrate such strong leadership and high achievement," said Tomlinson.

The award for academic excellence was given to the American Society of Civil Engineers. Established in 1933 the American Society of Civil Engineers is one of the oldest student organizations on the SDSU campus and, with 146 student members, one of the most active. Exemplifying excellence in academics, 92% of the senior Civil Engineering students passed the nationally administered "Fundamentals of Engineering Exam" in October 1998. The SDSU passing rate was considerably greater than the state average of 80% and astounding in comparison to the national average to 67%. The SDSU chapter was also honored in May with a Certificate of Commendation as one of the most outstanding student chapters in the nation.

The award for organizational leadership was given to the APHA Academy of Students of Pharmacy (ASP) for its active involvement in preparing members for their future profession by developing leadership opportunities that impact the campus and community. The 193 students who make up the ASP chapter currently are involved in ten committees that perform numerous activities. The committees range in focus and activities to include: the education of elementary age children in the Brookings area on poison prevention and drug use, submitting grant proposals, holding membership drives, publishing a pharmacy newsletter, informing members on news and legal issues facing the profession, organizing a booth for the SDSU annual wellness fair and organizing CPR classes for pharmacy students.

Accepting the award for the American Society of Civil Engineers was President Daren Konda and Teresa Kub. The award presented to the Academy of Students of Pharmacy was accepted by Danny Lattin, Dean of the College of Pharmacy. Officers of the organization are President Joe Volk and Vice President Scott Peterson. The American Society of Civil Engineers is advised by Charles Tiltrum and Dr. Michael Smar advises the American Society of Students of Pharmacy.


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