For Release January 22, 1999

Regents Approve General Education Recommendations

VERMILLION-The South Dakota Board of Regents approved recommendations for the System General Education requirements today at its regular business meeting on the campus of the University of South Dakota.

The recommendations came from the System Leadership Team that was formed in June consisting of two members from each university, two student representatives, and a representative from the Board of Regents staff. Executive Director Dr. Robert T. Tad Perry said, "The members of this team should be commended for the time and commitment they put forth in order to ensure graduates of South Dakota public universities are well prepared for the workplace which is to greet them."

The System General Education requirements include seven goals and a total of 30 hours. Board of Regents Senior Administrator Dr. Lesta Turchen explains, "The approach taken in developing the requirements was to define the goals of the requirements, then build the curriculum to support each goal."

The seven goals and credit requirements are:

  1. Students will write effectively and responsibly and understand and interpret the written expression of others. (6 credit hours English)
  2. Students will communicate effectively and responsibly through speaking and listening. (3 credit hours Speech)
  3. Students will understand the structures and possibilities of the human community through study of the social sciences. (6 credit hours Social Sciences in 2 disciplines)
  4. Students will understand and appreciate the human experience through arts and humanities. (6 credit hours Arts and Humanities in 2 disciplines or in a sequence of foreign language courses)
  5. Students will understand and apply fundamental mathematical processes and reasoning. (3 credit hours Mathematics)
  6. Students will understand the fundamental principles of the natural sciences and apply scientific methods of inquiry to investigate the natural world. (6 credit hours Natural Sciences)
  7. Students will understand and be sensitive to cultural diversity so that they are prepared to live and work in an international and multicultural environment. (6 credit hours that provide a global and/or cultural diversity perspective)

The System Requirements will be effective for entering students in Fall 1999.

"The Regents felt that it was time for a review of the general education core. Part of decision came from the belief that the core was becoming too broad. Another factor that contributed to the core review was a focus group of South Dakota employers initiated by the Regents to identify areas where graduates needed further preparation. In this ever changing economy we must keep abreast of employer needs and keep our curriculum current in order to meet those needs," said Regents President James O. Hansen.

The adoption of the recommendations made for the System Requirements completes phase one of the general education review. Phase two, the institutional requirements, is projected to be addressed in university recommendations to the Regents by January 2000.


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