For Release May 07

Regents Plan Review of Degree, General Education Requirements

BROOKINGS—The South Dakota Board of Regents adopted a timetable for the study of general education requirements today at its regular business meeting on the campus of South Dakota State University.

"As a part of our continuing efforts to improve quality and raise standards, the Board is launching a study of general education course requirements," said Regent Pat Lebrun, chair of the subcommittee that discussed the proposed study. "This is just another step in our goal to make public higher education in South Dakota the best it can be. In the last few years we have increased high school admission standards and implemented minimum progression standards to ensure that students are making adequate progress toward their degrees. After two years of pilot testing, this spring is the first year that the proficiency exam actually applies to rising juniors. Now we are ready to study general education and degree requirements."

Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry said, "General education is the backbone of the curriculum. Any changes there will affect graduation requirements. Courses in college majors will also be affected. For that reason, it is critical that faculty and administrators participate in any discussion. We are looking at a thorough study of the curriculum and that will require a commitment of time and effort. We would expect to implement the results about a year from now."

The timeline adopted by the Regents begins with a system-wide discussion among Regents, administrators, and faculty on curriculum early in the summer. Each campus will conduct curriculum discussions beginning in the fall. Final campus recommendations to the Board can be expected in the winter and spring of 1999. New general education and degree requirements would apply to entering freshmen in Fall 1999.

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