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For Immediate Release: Monday, August 11, 2003

Regents Approve New Minors in MIS & Materials Science

PIERRE – New minors in management information systems and materials science approved by the South Dakota Board of Regents will better position more college graduates for work in high-tech fields.

Meeting Saturday in Spearfish, the board authorized Black Hills State University to begin offering a minor in management information systems (MIS) this fall. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology received the go-ahead to offer specialized materials science minors in metals and polymers beginning with the Spring 2004 semester.

“More and more, students are looking to add minors to their degrees that will provide them with specialized skills or knowledge, thereby enhancing their value to potential employers,” Regents President Harvey C. Jewett said. “These minors in MIS and materials science should be popular with certain students.”

BHSU plans to make the MIS minor available to students pursuing bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degrees in any field. “This minor will gives BHSU students an edge in the computer and information systems field, since the demand for those skills is expanding as technology is further advanced and integrated,” Jewett said. People with these skills often are employed as systems administrators or analysts and database administrators.

The two materials science minors will be an option for students earning any science or engineering degree at SDSMT. “These minors will better prepare students for work within industry or to pursue an advanced degree, especially since South Dakota Tech has both master’s level and Ph.D. programs in materials engineering and science,” Jewett said.

Students pursing the “metals” specialization will focus on use and performance of metals and alloys. The minor specialization in “polymers” will emphasize coursework in chemistry. Polymers are a chemical compound or mixture of compounds that essentially consist of repeating structural units.

No new state funds were requested by the Board of Regents to implement the minors approved Saturday.


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