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Tracy Mercer, Information Research Analyst
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For Immediate Release: Friday, May 9, 2003

New Academic Program Meets Computer Security Needs

RAPID CITY – The South Dakota Board of Regents approved preliminary plans Friday for a new academic degree program to meet the growing demand for persons trained in computer security and information assurance.

“The use of the Internet and electronic commerce has increased dramatically in the last few years,” Board President Harvey C. Jewett said. “The Regents' decision to create a master's degree in computer security and information assurance will help meet the need for highly trained individuals who can keep the flow of information safe and secure from hackers and potential terrorists.”

Dakota State University's proposal for a new Master's of Science in Information Assurance and Computer Security will address such computer security issues as:

  • Computer network design
  • Network infrastructure
  • Cryptography
  • Intrusion detection and control
  • User authorization and authentication
  • Data integrity and disaster recovery
  • Financial institution security requirements
  • Legal aspects of computer security

"The new degree is a good fit for the mission of Dakota State University," said Robert T. Tad Perry, executive director of the Regents.  "The university's undergraduate programs of computer science, computer information systems, and electronic commerce/computer security provide the needed foundation in information technology for this advanced degree."



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