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Tuesday, June 18, 2002
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Janklow Awards $2 Million to University Faculty for Projects in Teaching with Technology

(Pierre) -- Gov. Bill Janklow is awarding $2 million to 120 faculty members at the state's six public universities to develop and integrate new classroom technology.

The grant awards are going to 83 higher education faculty to increase technology in the courses they teach. Another 37 advanced grants were awarded to faculty members who previously received a Teaching with Technology grant so they can continue developing new technology in the higher education classroom.

“This year’s grant applications were among the best we’ve seen,” Janklow said. “Faculty members on our state campuses are finding exciting and creative ways to use technology to enhance learning.”

Since the inception of the Governor's Faculty Awards in 1998, more than 300 university professors have received about $7.5 million to enhance coursework through technology. The Advanced Faculty Awards for Teaching with Technology were created last year. Both groups of award winners will receive financial support for equipment, software, and training. 

Janklow noted that the faculty awards help build on South Dakota’s wide-ranging investment in educational technology. “We are training elementary and secondary teachers and equipping K-12 schools to be leaders in using technology in the classroom. With our university faculty grants, we also support the instructors of our future K-12 teachers to be innovative in their own use of technology in the classroom," he said.

University faculty typically work on a nine-month contract. Under the Governor's program, faculty submit proposals to spend the summer months developing innovative ways for using technology to improve their normal classroom instruction. The faculty members whose projects are chosen receive a grant that provides support for one to three months' work. Faculty are paid for work during the summer and are released from teaching in the fall.

Robert T. Tad Perry, executive director for the South Dakota Board of Regents, says the Governor’s awards encourage high-tech innovations in the university classroom.

“Both the initial and advanced Teaching with Technology awards encourage faculty to be innovative in using technology to deliver quality instruction,” Dr. Perry said. “The Governor’s support for these awards has helped us to accelerate deployment of technology applications across the public university system. Our universities now stand among the best in the country in using these technologies.”

The numbers of 2002 awards and advanced awards given to faculty at each of the state-supported universities are:

University Faculty Award Advanced Faculty Award
Black Hills State University 9 4
Dakota State University 10 1
Northern State University 22 10
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology 8 9
South Dakota State University 23 7
University of South Dakota 11 6

For more information on the 2002 proposals and for previous years awards visit

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Note: The list of 2002 awards and advanced awards follows.  

Teaching with Technology Award Winners Listed

Here is a list of the winners (and project titles) of the 2002 Faculty Awards for Teaching with Technolog

For more information on the 2002 proposals and for previous years awards visit

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Note: The list of 2002 awards and advanced awards follows.  

Teaching with Technology Award Winners Listed

Here is a list of the winners (and project titles) of the 2002 Faculty Awards for Teaching with Technology and the 2002 Advanced Faculty Awards for Teaching with Technology:

2002 Faculty Awards for Teaching with Technology

Black Hills State University
Verona Beguin, Small Business Management
Curtis Card, Calculus 1 
Dan J. Durben, Introduction to Astronomy 
Gary Hagerty, College Algebra/ Intermediate Algebra/ Basic Algebra
Jean L. Johnson, Introduction to Computers and Advanced Computer Applications
Kathleen A. Parrow, European History from 1500 to 1815
Priscilla Romkema, Seminar in Entrepreneurship and Business Methods
Stanley Smith, College Algebra/ Intermediate Algebra/ Basic Algebra
Siriporn Sujithamrak, Current Issues in Service Industries

Dakota State University
Glenn Berman, MAT Trigonometry
Dan Coldeway, General Psychology
Susan Conover, Introduction to Theatre                     
Tom Farrell, Advanced Computer Applications/PeopleSoft 
Dwight Galster, Introduction to Probability and Statistics       
Dan Mortenson, Introduction to Music and Introduction to Computers
Lynn Ryan, Intermediate Spanish I
Kevin Streff, Information System Planning and Management
John Webster, Advanced Computer Applications/PeopleSoft 
Zehai Zhao, Web Programming I
Northern State University
William Bass, Business Composition            
Kenneth Blanchard, American Government 
Gayle Bortnem, Kindergarten and Preschool Education
Willard Broucek, International Marketing
Jessica Daw, Analysis of Teaching Physical Education 
Jennifer Campbell, Online Information Literacy 
Paul Everson, Intermediate Accounting I
John Hollingsworth, Decision Support Systems
Anne Holmquest, Fundamentals of Speech
Scott Klungseth, Gymnastics, Rhythm, Dance for Elementary
Ruth McKinney, Web Design
John Meyer, Copyright Law in Electronic Media
Alan Neville, South Dakota Indian Studies
Scott Peterson, Accounting Information Systems
Jodie Ramsay, Plant Structure and Function
Salley Sawyer, Case Studies in Instructional Design
Jon Schaff, American Government 
Mark Shekore, Drawing I
Lea Simon, Online Information Literacy
Roy Thurston, Transition Planning for the Special Needs Student
Heidi Tomek, K-8 Language Arts Methods
Mark Zaidel, Content Administration in Data Base Environment

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Gregory Buck, Thermal Fluid Systems Design
Arden Davis, Ground Water
Patrick Gilcrease, Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering
Brian Hemmelman, VLSI Design
John Kellar, Composite Materials 
Lidvin Kjerengtroen, Composite Materials 
Wayne Krause, Introduction to Thermodynamics
Vladimir Sobolev, University Physics II

South Dakota State University
Brenda F.Andersen, Family Nurse Practitioner Courses
Kay Cutler, Early Child Education Courses  
Kathleen Danker, Literature of the American West
Fereidoon Delfanian, Engineering Mechanics Dynamics
Carla J. Dieter, Advanced Assessment Across the Lifespan
Christine Garst-Santos, Introduction to Spanish I and II
Deanna Gilkerson, Early Child Education Courses 
Margie Hesson, Health Promotion for Nurses
D. Dean Isham, Interior Design (impacts 19 courses)
Daniel C. Kemp, Math Differential Equations
September Kirby, Skills for Healthy Living
M. Susan McWilliams, Developmental Assessment of the Young Child
Linda Nussbaumer, Interior Design (impacts 19 courses)
Lyle D. Olson, Journalism Typography
Deborah Pravecek, Chemistry Survey Laboratory
R. Neil Reese, Ethnobotony
Lester Rowland, Interior Design (impacts 19 courses)
Christopher G. Schmit, Waste Water Engineering Courses 
Thomas R. Shaffer, Cognitive Psychology 
Susan C. Strickler, Merchandising and Buying
Lynda Venhuizen, Early Child Education Courses 
Nadim Wehbe, Concrete Theory and Design Lecture and Lab
Joseph M. White, Human Development and Personality II: Adolescence

University of South Dakota
Cherie Noteboom, Foundations of Computer Analysis 
Dennis Navrat, Design I
Donald Peterson, Recreation Facility and Area Design
Douglas Peterson, Fundamentals of Speech 
Gary Reeves, Introduction to Electronic Music 
David Schieffer, Instructional Design, Assessment and Intervention
Diane Sevening, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Continuum 
Jill Tyler, Fundamentals of Speech 
Clarice Wagner, Mathematical Methods
X.T. Wang, Principle Learning and Memory, Learning Memory and Cognition 
Patrick Wempe, Recreation Facility and Area Design 

2002 Advanced Faculty Awards for Teaching with Technology

Black Hills State University
Donald J. Altmyer, Auditing                                         
Susan R. Dana, Legal Environment of Business                                                       
James Knutson, K-8 Art Methods
Rena Faye Norby, Methods of Teaching Science

Dakota State University
Daniel Weinstein, Web Publishing I, MCOM 352, and Web Publishing II

Northern State University
Casey Black, Beginning French
Lysbeth Benkert-Rasmussen, Shakespeare I
Duane Dolejsi, University Physics I
Constance Geier, Education Psychology
William Hoar, History of World Art III
Peter Kilian, Life Drawing
Susan Landon-Arnold, General Biology Laboratories
Jon Lim, Fitness Appraisal and Exercise Prescription
Art Marmorstein, College Success
John Peterson, Investments

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Zbigniew Hladysz, Mine Computer Applications and Methods in Geoscience
Stanley Howard, Math Applied Numerical Analysis 
Stuart Kellogg, Professionalism in Engineering Science 
Charles Kliche, Rock Slope Stability 
Bradford Morgan, Technical Communications II
Henry Mott, Environmental Engineering Process Fundamentals
William Roggenthen, Engineering Geophysics II
Larry Stetler, Professionalism in Engineering Science  
Glen Stone, Properties of Materials Laboratory 
South Dakota State University
Gary Aguiar, American Government
Donald J. Berg, Physical Geography II
Kurt Cogswell, Math for K-12 Teachers
Joyce Lampson, Introduction to Communication Disorders
Brady J. Phelps, Simple Learning and Conditioning
Michael Ropp, Electronics I and II
Dianna Sorenson, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Advanced Nursing Practices

University of South Dakota
James Balakier, British Literature II    
Jose Flores, Calculus III
Harry Freeman, Development Through the School Years
Katherine Jorgensen, Caring for Persons Across the Lifespan
Srinivasan Ragothaman, Accounting Systems; Auditing
Frank Schieber, Sensation and Perception

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