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For Immediate Release 28 March 2002


Board of Regents Review Fall 2001 Proficiency Exam Results
South Dakota Students Continue to Excel in Science and Mathematics

MADISON-The South Dakota Board of Regents, at its regular business meeting on the Dakota State University campus, heard a report today on the results of the fall 2001 administration of the proficiency examinations taken by sophomores enrolled in the six regental universities. A system-wide total of 2,163 rising juniors were required to sit for the proficiency exam for the first time in fall 2001.


"Once again the regental university system mean exceeded the mean for the national comparison group in all four areas tested within the examination. South Dakota students are continuing to perform strongest in the areas of science and mathematics," said Regents President Harvey C. Jewett. "Our universities are doing an excellent job of increasing students' knowledge in these subject areas."


According to the report, in the area of science reasoning 99.9% of students taking the proficiency exam for the first time in fall 2001 obtained a score at or above the minimum level of performance.  In mathematics 98.7% scored at or above the minimum level of performance, 95.4% did so in reading and 92.7% in the area of writing skills.  


"A self check, the proficiency exam determines the value added to the education of students through the general education curriculum. We administer the proficiency exam to ensure that our universities are increasing the knowledge of their students.  Even though the students are taking the exam the universities are also being tested. And the results continue to show that the value added to education at South Dakota universities exceeds national averages," said Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry.


The fall proficiency examination report only includes information on those students who sat for the examination during the fall 2001 semester.  The annual report that is presented to the Regents in June will provide information on the entire 2001-02 cohort of students, therefore more trend information will be available this summer.

The tables below display the results of the fall 2001 proficiency exam. 


Passing Rates by Test Area
Students Testing for the First Time Fall 2001



Comparison of Test Score Means
Students Testing First Time Fall 2001



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