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For Immediate Release 28 June 2001


University Enrollment Continues to Grow in Sioux Falls
Center Receives New Home and New Name

SIOUX FALLS- The South Dakota Board of Regents received the FY2001 annual report for USD.SDSU.DSU at Sioux Falls (formerly the Center for Public Higher Education) today at its regular business meeting held at the South Dakota School for the Deaf. Dr. Judy Nissen, the USD.SDSU.DSU at Sioux Falls director, presented the report.

"The Sioux Falls site experienced an exciting year filled with change and growth," said Nissen. "During the past year the center moved into its new building, adopted a new name and mission, expanded enrollment and improved student services."

During the 2001 spring term, classrooms were equipped to enable faculty to use technology during their presentations and instruction. Equipment for distance education classes is being installed in the two DDN (Digital Dakota Network) classrooms and the Governor's Electronic Classroom during the summer to ready them for fall term. A $2.2 million federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education provided for much of the equipment.

"The Regents are pleased with the direction of USD.SDSU.DSU at Sioux Falls. The site's new mission better reflects the research and economic development role of the universities in Sioux Falls," said Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry.

The new mission states that USD.SDSU.DSU at Sioux Falls is established to provide a research presence and approved South Dakota Board of Regents undergraduate and graduate programs in Sioux Falls for the adult population. Dakota State University, South Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota cooperatively provide lifelong learning opportunities that include programs, courses, and services for students.

"Coinciding with the adoption of the mission, the site's name was changed from the Center for Public Higher Education to USD.SDSU.DSU at Sioux Falls to give more recognition to the universities providing the opportunities at the Sioux Falls location," said Perry.

Enrollment continues to rise at the Sioux Falls site. Nissen reported that the 2000 fall semester unduplicated headcount at USD.SDSU.DSU at Sioux Falls was 1,160 students, a four-percent increase compared to the fall 1999 semester. The unduplicated number means that a student was counted just once, even if the student took classes from two or all three of the universities at the Sioux Falls site during the fall term. The unduplicated headcount enrollment has grown by 63% since the center opened in 1992.

"We have more students and they are taking more classes," said Nissen. "A comparison between FY01 and FY00 shows an increase in student course-load and credit hours. For example, fewer students in FY01 took just one class, and more students took two or three classes. This year the number of credit hours increased by 16%. I believe we will continue to see students taking more credits as the variety of classes increases, more sections of classes are made available and the scheduling of classes improves."

Expanded student services are also a probable factor in the increased enrollment at USD.SDSU.USD at Sioux Falls. Since moving into its new building students have been provided with an onsite bookstore, improved computer labs, more technology innovative classrooms and additional programs.

Before the start of the next fiscal year, the Sioux Falls site will experience one more dramatic change. "After guiding the USD.SDSU.USD at Sioux Falls through a tremendous year Dr. Nissen retires June 30th. Her leadership will be missed," said Perry.

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