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For Immediate Release 23 March, 2001

Governor Janklow Funds Fourth Round of Teaching with Technology Grants

BROOKINGS-Thanks to funding by Governor Janklow, 51 faculty from across the regental system will spend their summer developing and implementing new technology to enhance the courses they teach. A report listing the names of the award winners was given to the South Dakota Board of Regents today at its regular business meeting on the South Dakota State University campus.

The competitive awards were open to any full-time faculty member who submitted a proposal. A team of external reviewers rated the proposals. The 2001 reviewers were Dr. William Flinn, Troy State University and Dr. Mark Rockley, Oklahoma State University.

"Each grant award consists of compensation for three months during the. In addition, each faculty winner receives support funds that can be used for travel, training, equipment, and software associated with the project. Any equipment or software purchased will remain the property of the state," said Regents President Harvey C. Jewett.

The 51 award winners for 2001 include:

  • Nine from Black Hills State University at Spearfish;
  • Eight from Dakota State University at Madison;
  • Ten from Northern State University at Aberdeen
  • Two from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology at Rapid City;
  • Twelve from South Dakota State University at Brookings; and
  • Ten from the University of South Dakota at Vermillion.

Since the Governor Janklow created the awards in 1997, more than 220 faculty members have participated in the grant program.

"This is the fourth year that the Governor has offered the funding to our faculty. It has been a terrific opportunity for the universities to increase the technology offered in their classrooms. The Governor's award projects have included the use and development of a wide range of technology. Projects have involved making a course deliverable for distance education, increased used of multimedia in lectures, development of course web pages and more," said Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry. "We are greatful for the Governor's continued support."

Below are names of the winners from each university, along with the title of their project.

Black Hills State University

Fred Heidrich, Business Policy and Strategy; Daniel Peterson, Social Psychology, Gender Roles, and Social Theory; Connie Pollard, Methods of Teaching Individuals with Learning Disabilities; Robert Schurrer, Wellness for Life; Christine Shearer-Cremean, Basic English, Written Composition I, Grammar and Composition for the English Teacher; Douglas Wessel, Abnormal Psychology; Susan Wessel, Business Law; Don Altmyer, Survey of Business; Leonard Austin, Child Growth and Development.

Dakota State University

Richard Christoph, Computer Hardware, Data Communication and Networking; Judy Dittman, Methods of Educational Technology; John Webster, Enterprise Resource Planning; Dan Weinstein, Composition; William Henjum, Stagecraft; Jeffrey Palmer, College Algebra; Minhua Wang, Telecommunications, Technology and Management; Sylvia Webster, Computer Applications in Special Education.

Northern State University

Timothy Houge, Diagnosis and Correction of Literacy; James Kennedy, Nonprofit Accounting; Grant Manhart, Brass Methods and Materials Elementary; Matta William, Introduction to Linguistics, Hillar Neumann, Statistics; Ross Norman, Programming Languages; Sharon Paranto, Advanced Computer Applications; Timothy Woods, Voice; Tove Bormes, The Process of Criminal Law; Jill Schoen, Psychopathology and Diagnosis.

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Robin Lipke, Human Development Through the Lifespan; Maribeth Price, Introduction to GIS.

South Dakota State University

Karen Hardy Cardenas, Modern Language Teaching; Debra Ann Debates, Philosophy and Methods FCSE, Delvin DeBoer, Water Supply Engineering/Water Treatment Plant Design; Jeannie French, Three-Dimensional Design; Beverly King, Research Methods in Psychology; Joyce Lampson, English as a Second Language/Oral Proficiency; Richard A. Reid, Geotechnical Engineering; Debra Spear, Psychological Investigations; Alfred Andrawis, Fiber Optic Communications Lab; Hala Nassar, History of Landscape Architecture; Brady Phelps, Physiological Psychology; James M. Tallmon, Fundamentals of Speech.

University of South Dakota

Douglas Brenner, Fundamentals of Speech; Diane Hambley, Foundations of Management and Marketing; Dennis Navrat, Teaching Art in Elementary School; Lisa Newland, Education Psychology; Kumoli Ramakrishnan, Financial Administration; Dan Van Peursem, Intermediate Algebra; James Balakier, Business Writing; Anthony Deiter, Graphics and Special Problems; James Korcuska, Couseling Internship/Field Experience; Yuhlong Lio, Probability and Statistics.



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