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For Immediate Release 14 December 2000


The Electronic University joins with Learning Resources Network to offer a Masters of Arts in Education Administration Online


MADISON- Today at its regular business meeting, held on the campus of Dakota State University, the Board of Regents made it possible for another complete degree to be earned through distance education. The Regents authorized the Electronic University Consortium (EUC) to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Learning Resources Network (LERN) to provide a Masters of Arts degree in Education Administration with an emphasis in higher education via the Internet. The University of South Dakota will be granting the degree in collaboration with the other regental universities that have appropriate coursework online.

The ability to earn the degree online is the result of an agreement between USD, the EUC, and LERN. LERN, an international association that provides programming, resources, and information to providers of lifelong learning programs is the largest adult and continuing education association in the world with more than 4,000 members in 16 countries. LERN is also the largest provider of education for administrators of continuing education programs in the world serving more than 2,000 administrators a year.

Participants in this program will include consultants, trainers, college faculty, and other individuals maintaining membership in LERN. They will be allowed to apply validated LERN-sponsored courses and programs toward the Master of Arts in Educational Administration (Adult and Higher Education emphasis), but will be required to complete the majority of the degree program through the University of South Dakota.

"The ability to complete the entire degree program online will enable participants to complete the degree program from their various locations without having to interrupt their current professional endeavors. Knowledge accrued through the degree program will enhance graduates' professional abilities within the fields of adult and continuing education. This agreement is about bringing education to the people," said EUC Chief Operating Officer Janet Lewis.

This agreement is for courses that are provided on a self-supporting basis, therefore no state general fund dollars will be used. Consequently this will bring into the state new revenues needed to drive the development and delivery of high quality education that will benefit the citizens of the state.

"We are pleased at the chance to partner with EUC and with LERN, a widely respected international leader in continuing education. In providing this opportunity for graduate study to continuing education professionals from around the country, we will be providing a real service by allowing these students to enhance their skills without giving up their jobs. We also believe that this partnership will allow us to showcase to the nation the high quality education that USD and public higher education in the state provide. This partnership will directly benefit the citizens of South Dakota as the partnership will provide a source of funds that will enable our faculty to develop courses for internet delivery more quickly than would be the case if we had to rely exclusively on state resources," said USD Vice President of Academic Affairs Don Dahlin.

The Regents authorized Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry to approve the final version of the cooperative agreement.


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