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For Immediate Release 14 December 2000

 South Dakota Electronic University Consortium to Provide
Distance Education to the Army

PIERRE-It was announced today that distance education courses from South Dakota's six public universities will be part of the Army University Access Online Initiative. An estimated 80,000 servicemen across the globe will have the opportunity to receive educational content through the South Dakota Electronic University Consortium (EUC). Courses will be available at every army base and through the Internet all over the world.

On December 13th, Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera announced that the Army awarded a multi-million contract to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to provide distance education for soldiers over the next five years. The soldiers will be equipped as students with the latest technologies and quality online learning experiences to place the Army at the forefront in distance education. As a member of the PwC e-Learning Network the EUC will join several other distance education providers in offering educational content.

All online courses offered by the EUC will be part of the initiative along with seven technology degrees from Dakota State University. The technical degrees include associate, bachelor and masters degree programs. Examples of the degrees include Computer Information Systems, Electronic Commerce and Computer Education and Technology.

"This is an incredible opportunity for South Dakota. It demonstrates the quality of distance education in the state and documents that we are among the world leaders in distance education delivery. The initiative will also generate revenue for South Dakota Higher Education as the courses offered through the EUC are self-support. The foresight of the Governor and the Board of Regents to create the EUC was the major factor in becoming part of this important initiative," said Janet Lewis Chief Operating Officer of the EUC.

For more information, contact Janet Lewis, EUC Chief Operating Officer, South Dakota Board of Regents, 605-773-3455.


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