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For Immediate Release 05 October 2000


Board of Regents Approves Ten-Year Capital Improvements Plans for Universities

RAPID CITY—The South Dakota Board of Regents will seek authorization from the state legislature to implement a ten-year facilities renovation and capital plan for the state universities. Today at its regular business meeting on the campus of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology the Regents approved their first comprehensive long-term system plan to update the universities’ physical plant.

Regents President Harvey C. Jewett, IV, Aberdeen, said, "The Regents have given their approval to this effort to create a long-term capital repair and improvement plan. To be responsible stewards of the students’ resources, we think this is a careful approach to preserving and enhancing the investment in campus infrastructure."

All renovation or new construction will be financed from student tuition and federal or private revenues. "No state tax revenues will be sought for these buildings," said Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry. "For many years the policy of this state has been to fund university academic buildings with money from tuition paid by the students. A percentage of tuition is placed in the Higher Education Facilities Fund to be used for regular maintenance and repair. That money is also used to finance major renovations or alterations to academic buildings."

Some of the buildings on the list will be financed with federal or private funding. "Alumni and friends of the universities have contributed to building projects. The Regents are grateful to them for their generosity," said Jewett. "We appreciate the assistance of our congressional delegation in working to obtain federal appropriations for some of these projects as well."

Since all building projects on university campuses must receive legislative authorization, the Regents also approved submission of the list to the state legislature in the 2001 session. "The Regents hope that the legislature will approve the proposal so that the universities can proceed with planning and fundraising," said Perry.

Building projects approved by the Regents for funding entirely with tuition revenues include:


Cook Classroom Renovation



Technology Classroom Building Renovation



Lee Medicine and Science Hall Renovation



Library Remodeling



M.I. Building Air Conditioning



Upgrade Primary Electrical System



Shepard Hall



Remodel Seymour Hall—Technology Center



Mewaldt Jensen Classroom Building



For more information contact Dr. Robert T. Tad Perry, Executive Director, or Kathy Johnson, Director of Administrative Affairs, South Dakota Board of Regents, (605) 773-3455.



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