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Carol Stonefield, Director of Informationt

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For Immediate Release 1 September 2000


State University Classes Begin September 6
National Guard Firefighters to Receive Registration Extension

PIERRE—Classes at the state universities are scheduled to begin September 6. The South Dakota Board of Regents has announced that it will extend deadlines for students in the National Guard who are fighting the forest fires in the Black Hills.

Regents Executive Director Robert T. Tad Perry said that arrangements are being made to accommodate university students who are members of units called to fight the fires. "These students are putting themselves at great risk. The Regents think it is important to support their efforts," said Perry. "We will make late registration available to them. Each student in these circumstances should weigh his or her own situation, however, and keep in mind that a late start may put him or her at an academic disadvantage."

The late registration policy applies only to National Guard members actively involved in fire fighting. The following provisions apply to these eligible students.

Each university has designated a contact person for this policy. Any eligible National Guard member should contact the representative for his or her institution.




Black Hills State

Steve Ochsner

(605) 642-6044

1-800-255-2478 (toll free)

Dakota State

Sandy Anderson, Registrar

1-888-378-9988 (toll-free)

(605) 257-5139 (Enrollment Services)

Northern State

Peggy Hallstrom, Registrar

(605) 626-2012 (Registrar’s Office)

1-800-678-5330 (toll free)

SD School of Mines and Technology

Toni Hauff,

Veterans Information and Registration Office

1-800-544-8162 (toll free)

(605) 394-2400

South Dakota State

Marysz Rames, Dean of Students

1-800-952-3541 (toll free),

(605) 688-4493 (Student Affairs Office)

University of South Dakota

Dave Lorenz, Dean of Students

(605) 677-5331 (Student Life)

1-877-269-6837 (toll free)

"Notifying the designated university contact person will be sufficient to preserve the student’s rights under this special policy," said Perry. Both students and their National Guard units need to be aware that students will be expected to present official service records to the contact person when they return to campus, added Perry.

For more information, contact James Shekleton, General Counsel to the Board of Regents, (605) 773-3455.



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