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For Immediate Release 29 August 2000


Electronic University Consortium Website Is Open for Registration

PIERRE—South Dakota’s Electronic University Consortium (EUC) is now open for registration for Fall 2000 distance education classes from the six public universities. At over 170 classes are available for distance delivery into every community. Courses can be taken by means of the Digital Dakota Network into local high schools, the Internet at home or work, South Dakota Public Television, the Rural Development Telecommunication Network (RDTN) satellite system, video cassette, and correspondence course via U.S. Postal Service.

Educational coursework focuses on several areas. Specifically for school personnel, courses for professional development, in-service curriculum, and school administration are offered. Dual credit courses geared toward high school students will enable them to earn college credit before graduation. General education curriculum offers students the opportunity to earn an associate of arts degree at home. Earning the associate degree will allow matriculation into any of the six public universities to apply toward a baccalaureate degree.

The EUC, launched by the South Dakota Board of Regents, offers a single point of entry into the state’s public university system. "The course offerings will be virtually seamless for students," said EUC Chief Operating Officer Janet Lewis. "A student can apply for admission, seek financial aid, register for classes, receive a single bill, and access the libraries of the universities. Although a student indicates affiliation with one of the six universities, the student can take courses from any or all of the institutions. The credits are transferable back to the home institution," Lewis said.

Courses available for school administrators include EDAD 700 Introduction to School Administration, EDAD 707 The Principalship, and EDAD 720 Special Education Law for School Administrators.

Examples of courses for teachers are ED 622 Instructional Technological Material Design, ED 748 Curriculum Diversity across Curriculum and Instruction, EDER 761 Information Literacy, EDFN 365 Integrating Computers into the Curriculum, SPED 500 Special Education for Elementary Teachers. Specialized area offering include such courses as DRED 450 Injury Prevention and Safety Programs, ELED 162 Geography for Elementary Teachers, and EED 411 Guidance for Children.

To explore the EUC course offerings, administrators should access the URL and click on Courses, which will open the Course Search screen. For the search, open Academic Area, and select Education and Administration for coursework specific to this interest.

To assist in planning coursework to be offered by distance, an advisory group has been created jointly by the School Administrators of South Dakota, the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, and the EUC. This advisory group will identify curriculum and assist in scheduling of classes. Course offerings will be expanded as more courses are redesigned for distance delivery. Anyone interested in being a member of the advisory group should contact Janet Lewis at the Board of Regents by calling (605) 773-3455 or by emailing her at


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