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SDSU 0700

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Agriculture (0700)


For more information on individual test concepts, please visit the Agriculture Test at a Glance on the ETS Website.  For questions regarding the content of the reviews sheets please contact South Dakota State University.


Economic Importance of Agriculture

ECON 201

Effect of Economic/Political Decisions on Agriculture

AGEC 479

Sociological Status of Agriculture

CTE 405

Careers in Agriculture

CTE 295

Past and Present Agricultural Policies

CTE 405

Trends in Agriculture

CTE 295
Plant and Soil Science: Basic Plan Taxonomy PS 103
Plant and Soil Science: Soil Properties and Land Management PS 213
Plant and Soil Science: Crop Production and Management PS 103
Plant and Soil Science: Horticulture

HO 111

Animal Science: General Animal Science Relating to Breed Characteristics AS 101
Animal Science: Anatomy and Physiology AS 241
Animal Science: Management Topics AS 101
Animal Science: Products and Basic Processing DS 130
Agricultural Mechanization and Technology: Power Machinery and Equipment AST 202
Agricultural Mechanization and Technology: Soil and Water Technology AST 333
Agricultural Mechanization and Technology: Agricultural Construction AST 202
Agricultural Mechanization and Technology: Mechanical Principles and Practices AST 452
Agricultural Mechanization and Technology: Safety Management AST 452
Agricultural Business and Economics: Principles of Economics AGED 271
Agricultural Business and Economics: Management Issues AGED 404
Agricultural Business and Economics: Agricultural Sales and Marketing Topics AGEC 271
Agricultural Business and Economics: Business Structure AGEC 271
Natural Resources and Environment: Energy and the Environment PS 213
Natural Resources and Environment: Agriculture and the Environment PS 103
Natural Resources and Environment: Forestry WL 110
Natural Resources and Environment: Fish and Wildlife Ecology WL 110
Program Planning and Management: Student Organization and Leadership Development AGED 404
Program Planning and Management: Experiential Learning AGED 404
Program Planning and Management: Program Planning and Evaluation AGED 404
Program Planning and Management: Foundations of Agricultural Education Programs and FFA AGED 404


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