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Physical Education: Content Knowledge (0091)


For more information on individual test concepts, please visit the Physical Education Content Knowledge Test at a Glance on the ETS Website.  For questions regarding the content of the reviews sheets please contact South Dakota State University.



Fundamental Movements



PE 170

PE 360

Growth and Motor Development

PE 360

Motor Learning

Movement Forms: Dance and Rhythmic Activities



PE 360

Movement Forms: Gymnastics

PE 201

Movement Forms: Games

PE 202

PE 203

PE 360

RECR 260

RECR 342

Fitness and Exercise Science: Components

PE 200

PE 350

PE 360

Fitness and Exercise Science: Human Biology

PE 350

WEL 100

Social Science Foundations: History of Physical Education


PE 180

PE 341

PE 480

Social Science Foundations: Sociological and Sociopolitical Issues

PE 352

PE 480

Social Science Foundations: Psychology

PE 360

PE 454

Health and Safety: Safety and Injury Prevention

HTLH 250 part 1

HLTH 250 part 2

PE 320

PE 321

PE 354

PE 360

PE 480

Health and Safety: Liability and Legal Aspects

PE 322

PE 480

Health and Safety: Substance Abuse

WEL 100


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