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BHSU 0089

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Middle School Social Studies (0089)


For more information on individual test concepts, please visit the Middle School Social Studies Test at a Glance on the ETS Website. For questions regarding the content of the reviews sheets please contact Black Hills State University.


Physical Geography of North America


Native American Peoples

HIST 257

European Exploration and Colonization

HIST 151

Establishing a New Nation (1776-1791)

HIST 151

Early Years of the New Nation (1791-1829)

HIST 151

Continued National Development (1829-1850s)

HIST 151

Civil War Era (1850-1870s)

HIST 152

Emergence of the Modern United States (1877-1900)

HIST 152

Progressive Era Through the New Deal (1900-1939)

HIST 152

The Second World War and the Postwar Period (1939-1963) HIST 153
Recent Developments (1960s-Present) HIST 153
Prehistory to 1400 C.E.: Human Society before 3000 B.C.E.

HIST 121

Prehistory to 1400 C.E.: Development of City Civilizations

HIST 121

Prehistory to 1400 C.E.: Ancient Empires and Civilizations HIST 121
Prehistory to 1400 C.E.: Decline of Classical Civilizations and Changes HIST 121
World History (1400 to 1914): Emerging Global-Wide Interactions HIST 122
World History (1400 to 1914): Political and Industrial Revolutions, Nationalism HIST 122
1914 to the Present   
Basic Political Concepts POLS 100
United States Political System POLS 100
Other Forms of Government   
International Relations    
Geography Themes   
Map Skills  
Physical Geography   
Human Geography   
Regional Geography GEOG 210
Microeconomics I ECON 201
Microeconomics II ECON 201
Macroeconomics I ECON 202
Macroeconomics II ECON 202
Patterns of Social Organization SOC 100
Social Institutions SOC 100
The Study of Populations   
Multicultural Diversity   
Social Problems SOC 150
How Cultures Change    


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