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​SDBOR Student Success Dashboard


By and large, students attend college with one goal in mind: earning a degree.  Consequently, colleges and universities devote tremendous energy to supporting and sustaining students as they advance toward the goal of degree completion.   But while many students successfully complete degrees, some inevitably do not.  In this context, graduation rates – which describe the percentage of entering students who ultimately earn a degree – serve as a fundamental measure of postsecondary institutional effectiveness. 

The SDBOR Student Success Dashboard offers an interactive tool for analyzing student persistence in South Dakota's public university system.  For any group of degree-seeking undergraduate​s, users can view longitudinal progression data showing the extent to which entering students remain enrolled at their starting universities until a degree is earned.  A variety of menus and filters enable comparisons between targeted student groups.

Data for the most recent entering cohort suggest several key takeaways:

  • Of the 4,771 first-time bachelor's degree-seeking undergraduates who entered the university system in Fall 2014, 35.5 percent earned a degree within four years.  After six years, more than half (about 55.0 percent) had completed a degree.  Though not shown here, these figures compare favorably with other four-year public universities in the United States.
  • Several factors appear to correlate with improved persistence outcomes.​  For example, higher graduation rates are achieved by students with high ACT scores, students with strong high school GPAs, students receiving scholarship awards, and students taking more demanding credit loads.




Source: Regents Information Systems



  • The dashboard includes data for all degree-seeking undergraduate students beginning a regental degree program in a given fall semester.  Both first-time students and transfer students are included.  Each student is listed once per institution as applicable.
  • Persistence rates and graduation rates refer to campus-level (as opposed to system-level) enrollments and degree completions.  Students beginning a degree program at one university in the regental system later may enroll and complete a degree at another regental university; these enrollments and completions will not be reflected here.
  • The "Still Enrolled" category includes students enrolling in the fall, spring, or summer terms of a given academic year.
  • The "Graduated" category includes students completing a particular degree at any point during a given academic year.  Certificates are not considered a degree completion for purposes of this analysis.
  • Data are sourced from a variety of extract data and live data, and therefore may vary subtly from other published reports.