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What is Dakota Corps?

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The Dakota Corps Scholarship Program was created by Gov. Rounds to encourage
South Dakota’s high school graduates to:

Administration and Funding

Scholarship Award

The intent of the program is that the recipients do not pay anything towards tuition and generally applicable fees. The scholarships are in an amount approximately equal to: 

Remaining tuition and generally-applicable fees must be covered by the participating college through institutional scholarship or tuition waiver.  

The Dakota Corps Committment

Each recipient promises to enter a critical need occupation in South Dakota following completion of the program of study.  The number of years a recipient must work in a critical need occupation to fulfill the entire obligation is equal to the sum of the number of years of scholarship received, plus one year.  For example, a four-year scholarship recipient must work five years; a three-year scholarship recipient must work four years; a two-year scholarship recipient must work three years, etc. 

If the recipient does not complete his/her commitment, the scholarship converts to a low interest loan which must be repaid. 

Areas of Critical Need

The Department of Labor will designate shortage occupations from time to time.  The current critical need occupations for 2016 are: