Governor DuuagardGovernor Dennis Daugaard

                                   Welcomes you...


Dear Friends: 

The Dakota Corps Scholarship was designed for high school students in South Dakota to provide full tuition and generally-applicable fees to selected qualified applicants.  

We want to keep South Dakota kids right here in our state, because they’re our most valuable resource.  They are the future of our state, and that’s why I'm working to create more opportunities to keep them right here. 

Governor Rounds created the Dakota Corps Scholarship Program to help keep kids in South Dakota, while simultaneously bettering everyone's quality of life.  This program allows students financial access to outstanding postsecondary education, while encouraging them to remain here upon graduation working in critical need occupations. 

Thank you for visiting our Dakota Corps Scholarship site.  We look forward to receiving students’ applications. 



Governor Dennis Daugaard