Governor Duuagard 

Governor Krsti Noem

                    Welcomes you...


Dear Friends: 

Welcome to the Dakota Corps Scholarship website! Here, you'll find the information you need about dollars we've set aside to provide full tuition scholarships for South Dakota's best and brightest students.

Our mission is to keep South Dakota kids in South Dakota – they're our most valuable resource. As governor, I'm committed to improving our educational opportunities and systems so our students can find successes and build careers right here at home. 

The Dakota Corps Scholarship Program is a big part of that. Several years ago, the state created this program to help keep young people in South Dakota. It gives students financial access to outstanding postsecondary education, while encouraging them to stay here after graduation to work in high-demand career fields, bolstering our state's workforce and keeping families closer together.

I'm thrilled that you're interested in learning more about the Dakota Corps Scholarship. It's an incredible opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

All the best, 
Governor Kristi Noem