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Regents Information Systems

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Regents Information Systems

Regents Information Systems (RIS) supports the statewide technology needs of the Board of Regents and its institutions.  All computing purchases and network activities are coordinated through this office.  It promotes the sharing of hardware, software and services. 


  • Software for Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting

    This group provides support to the South Dakota Board Office, Public Universities and Special Schools related to the centralized software solutions used to manage Human Resources, Finance, Accounting and Payroll.

    Primary responsibilities include:

    • Provide technical support to the Board office and Universities
    • Coordinate and apply updates and patches  to the centralized software
    • Support and develop centralized integrations and interfaces
    • Assist Universities and the Board office in development of centralized reporting
  • Student Information Systems provides the proficiency for registering students in courses, constructing student schedules, tracking student attendance, documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores, and managing many other-student related data needs in a South Dakota Board of Regents University.  Student Information Systems provides a complete view to assist advisors to keep track of students attendance, grading, and provide communications that help students succeed in achieving their goals.  The South Dakota Board of Regents Student Information Systems keeps students engaged and committed to their goals by:

    • Help students and advisors plan and monitor progress
    • Build a course registration plan from a student's existing degree plan
    • Make it easy to build schedules and register with an online system
    • Provide anywhere, anytime access to information 


  • Information Security and Networking provides support to the South Dakota Public Universities in their pursuit to protect information assets and the high speed critical communication infrastructure which drive educational, economic, and research initiatives set forth by the South Dakota Board of Regents.  Regents Information Systems accomplishes this mission using a multidisciplinary approach to Information Security and Assurance ranging from the purely technical (e.g., network security, identity and access management, intrusion detection, etc) to ethical, legal, and audit components all while striving to harmonize the subtle dependencies and interactions of each Universities' unique culture and mission.


  • Systems Server and Network support DBA services, Web Development and Share Point Administration:  This group provides support for the Network, Server, and Database infrastructure on which all on-premise ERP systems are hosted as well as technical liaison for Cloud hosted systems and external vendor integration.      Also provide backing technical support for the Applications Staff who directly support the ERP systems.   Primary responsibilities: 
  • Provide support to RIS Applications Staff.
  • Design, Installation, and maintenance of on-premise infrastructure including Server, Network, and Storage hardware across co-located data centers in SF and Pierre.
  • Database installation, maintenance, and design.  
  • Data protection(backups/mirrors) and Disaster Recovery.
  • Web site design in support of Board Of Regents operations as well as supplementation/enhancement of vendor ERP applications.
  • Installation and maintenance of server operating systems and other system software in support of ERP/infrastructure.





 Dave Hansen

System CIO - RIS

(605) 367-7568

Sioux Falls Offices
University Center
4801 N Career Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD  57107

Phone:  (605) 367-7770





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