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Research & Development Grants -- Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can an an institution/researcher identify federal dollars as part of the required match for the innovation grant program. 

    Answer: Yes it would be acceptable for one to use federal funds to serve as the match for the innovation grant program.  The only exclusion would be state level funds that were awarded through a competitive grant process.

  1. Is the relationship to the R&D areas something we will have to be very explicit about, and is it possible to engage in activities that cut across more than one of these established areas?


Answer: The RFP guidelines do provide space for PI’s to articulate the connection the proposal has with the established R&D areas outlined in the 2020 Vision document. Reviewers will be asked to consider this alignment when evaluating the proposals, so PI’s are encouraged to give considerable thought to how the activities undertaken will fit with the broader state economic development goals (i.e., including the alignment to the five industry sectors).  While it is possible for each of these R&D areas to be mutually exclusive, the REACH committee did recognize that research activity can easily cut across multiple R&D areas.  If a proposal does provide for such cross-cutting opportunities, then PI’s are encouraged to emphasize such opportunities in the proposal.

  1. What is the timeline for the BOR R&D Innovation Grant?


FY15 Innovation Grant:         August 22, 2014 is when you can start spending funds

              June 30, 2016 is the final date all funds must be expended by