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Our Culture

SD Board of Regents Culture

The culture for the Regental System is one of collegial partnership. The Regents work diligently at hosting legislative round tables and working with communities to understand the needs of higher education. The Regents work with the legislature process to further higher education in the state.

On the student side of the house, the Regents and the institutional staff work with the Student Federation and various student associations to increase communication, to work effectively on leadership opportunities, and to promote student activities.

While working with the legislature and community, the Regents are diligently working to promote a healthy relationship with the state and other private and public entities forging partnerships and growth opportunities 

In addition, the employees of our system strive to provide opportunities for community wellness by participating in community activities, fundraising for charitable causes, and providing the resource of time to the care of the community. Some specific examples include working with the Food Banquet, donating dollars to the Katrina Hurricane Fund, donating dollars to the Tsunami Victim Relieve, donating dollars to other charitable organizations in the individual communities, and participating opportunities in the local United Way Foundation.

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South Dakota Board of Regents
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