​Institutional Substantive Program Modification Requests – DSU


Approval Column of Form: 

  • VPAA's initials "PT" indicate approval
  • Dash marks "----" indicate a request was denied / did not receive approval and additional justification and/or clarification was needed


​Date Form Submitted to SDBOR Office ​Status ​Date of Corresponding AAC Meeting Notes
2018-02-08​Pending​February 21, 2018​--
2018-01-16​Pending​January 25, 2018​--
​2017-10-19Signed​November 1, 2017​--
​2017-07-18​Signed​August 29-30, 2017​--
2017-05-08SignedMay 24, 2017--




NOTE:  All corresponding guidelines and forms for programs and curriculum are located in Section 2 of the AAC Guidelines.