Thursday, February 17, 2022

Zoom Teleconference

9:00am – 5:00pm CST
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Agenda – Additions, Changes, and Approval
e-Education and Technology Initiatives
LMS RFP Project Update
Online QA Updates and QA Subcommittee Reconvening (AAC Guideline 5.9)
Graduate Students – EAB Navigate
Strategic Planning*
A. Strategic Plan – Mission Statements
B.Tuition and Fees Update
C. Strategic Plan – Special Projects
Other Initiatives
A. Delivery Method – Hyflex – All new Definitions
B. International Students: Initial Placement in English Composition Courses (TOEFL – MyBest Score)
C. Initial Placement of Students in Math Courses: Proposed Revisions to Math Placement Procedures
D. Qualifications for Faculty Teaching Externally Funded Courses*
E. WICHE WRPG Program Approval (Revised 02/14/2022)
F. South Dakota Teacher of the Year Update
G. Legislative Update
General Education*
A. Follow up on Cross Curricular Skills
B. Update to General Education Approved Course Matrices for Common Courses
Policy Revision and Development
A.BOR Policy Revisions
​1) BOR Policy 2:29 – Definition of Credits and Related Institutional Requirements
2)BOR Policy 2:33 – Student Academic Misconduct
3) BOR Policy 2:7 and BOR Policy 2:26
4) BOR Policy 2:11 – Assessment
B. BOR Policy Program Review and Evaluation Guideline
C. AAC Guideline 10.6 – Transcript Designation Guidelines Revisions
D. AAC Guideline 7.6 – English Placement – Permanent Inclusion of COVID-19 Guidelines (Added 02/14/2022)
Curriculum and Program Revisions
 Program Modifications
​1) Black Hills State University
​2) Northern State University
3) South Dakota State University
Course Modifications
​1) Black Hills State University
​2) Dakota State University
3) Northern State University
4) South Dakota State University
 New Program Requests
1) BHSU – BS in Communication and Media
2) SDSMT – PhD in Data Science and Engineering
 New Certificate Requests
1) NSU – English as a New Language (Graduate)
2) SDSU – Post-Graduate Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (Graduate)
 New Site Requests
1) SDSU – MS in Economics (online)
 Intent to Plan Requests
1) NSU – AS in Digital Entrepreneurship
2) USD – BS in Music with a specialization in Music Technology and Industry
 Accelerated Program Requests
1) NSU – MSEd in Sport Performance & Leadership (BS in Human Performance & BS in Sport Marketing and Administration)
H. Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
​A.Agreements on Academic Cooperation
1) Northern State University
2) South Dakota State University
B.Articulation Agreements
1) Dakota State University
2) University of South Dakota
C. Affiliation Agreement – NSU – Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society
D. Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – BHSU
E.SB55 Recommended Policy Revisions – Second Reading – March BOR Meeting
​1) BOR Policy 2:23 – New Programs, Curriculum Modification, Inactivation and Termination (New Policy)
2) ​BOR Policy 2:34 – Academic Program Evaluation (New Policy)
3) BOR Policy 2:35 – Course Enrollment Management (New Policy)
4) Repeal BOR Policy 2:21 – Summer Term
5) Revisions to BOR Policy 5:17 – Instructional Funding
F.BOR Policy 2:1 – External Review of Proposed Graduate Programs
G.AAC Guideline 2.10 and Form 2.10.A – Update on External Reviews
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