September 1-2, 2020

Zoom Meeting


September 1:  9:00am  5:00pm CST

September 2:  9:00am – 1:00pm CST

Tentative Agenda

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(Updated 08/31/2020-- 12:30pm CST)

Agenda Additions, Changes, and Approval
AAC Meeting Calendar Updates
Routine Discussion Topics
e-Education Initiatives
​1)​LMS Evaluation / Review Discussion
​2)​Blackboard Ally Update (discussion topic only)
​3)Quality Assurance (QA) Subcommittee Reconvening
​B.Technology Update (item will be distributed via email)
Academic Affairs Guidelines
​1) AAC Form 1.5 New Course Request and AAC Form 1.2 Authority to Offer Existing Course
​2) ​AAC Guideline 2.6 New Specialization and AAC Guideline 2.9 New Undergraduate Degree or Major
​3) AAC Guidelines – Removal of Experimental Course References
​4) AAC Guidelines – Removal of Colleague References
D. Academic Amnesty
E. Academic Probation and Financial Aid Probation
F. Delinquent Accounts and Holds
G. International Student Fee Policy Revisions
H. Final Name Submissions for Academic Calendar Workgroup
I. COVID Academic Calendar Planning
J. Academic Leadership Training
K. Discipline Council Membership 2020-2021
L.WICHE Groups Representation
M. COVID-19 Response – Roundtable Discussion
Policy Revision and Development
​A. Program Duplication
B. Section Size
C. Program Productivity
​A. Naming Request – SDSU – Community Practice Innovation Center
​B.Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – USD
C. Revisions to Terminal Degrees Table – DSU
D. Revisions to BOR Policies 4:21, 4:35, 5:5:3 and 5:14 – Removal of COHE and Collective Bargaining References
E. New Program Request – SDSMT – MS in Industrial Engineering
F. Intent to Plan – NSU – BA in Global Language and Culture
G. Accelerated Program Request – USD – Occupational Therapy, O.T.D
H. Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
I. Program Modifications – USD
J. Articulation Agreements – SDSU (Added 08/27/2020)