Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Zoom Call

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9:00 a.m.  5:00 p.m. CST

Tentative Agenda

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(Updated 05/19/2020 5:40pm CST)

Agenda Additions, Changes, and Approval
AAC Calendar – Retreat Dates
e-Education Initiatives
​A. Open Educational resources (OER) Subcommittee
​B. Digital Accessibility Update
​C. Instructional Technology Contract Updates
Curriculum and Program Revisions
Program Modifications
​1) Dakota State University
​2)Northern State University
3) ​SD School of Mines and Technology
4)South Dakota State University
5)University of South Dakota
6) CIP Code Cleanup – USD
Course Modifications
​1) Black Hills State University
​2) Dakota State University
3) Northern State University
4) SD School of Mines & Technology
5) South Dakota State University
6)University of South Dakota
​C.New Program Requests
​1) NSU – MSEd in Special Education
2) NSU – BSEd in Social Science
3) SDSU – Minor in Commodity Risk Management
4) SDSU – Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine
​5) ​SDSMT – PhD in Electrical Engineering
D.New Certificate Requests
1) BHSU – Human Resources (Undergrad)
2) NSU – Trust and Financial Advising (Graduate)
3) SDSMT – Mining 360 (Graduate)
4) SDSU – Academic Advising (Graduate)
5) SDSU – Phlebotomy (Undergrad)
6) USD – Geospatial Analysis (Undergrad)
7) USD – Geospatial Analysis (Graduate)
8) USD – Child & Adult Advocacy Studies (Graduate)
​E.New Specialization Requests
​1) NSU – Visual Impairments (MSEd in Special Education)
2) SDSU – Food Animal Health Specialization (BS in Animal Science)
3) SDSU – Veterinary Medicine Specialization (MS in Biological Sciences)
4) USD – Mental Health (Occupational Therapy, OTD)
5) USD – Neuroscience & Rehabilitation (Occupational Therapy, OTD)
6) USD – Pediatrics (Occupational Therapy, OTD)
7) USD – Rural/Underserved (Occupational Therapy, OTD)
F.New Site Requests
​1) NSU – AS in Business Administration (Huron)
2) SDSU – BA in Geography (online)
3) SDSU – BS in Geographical Information Sciences (online)
G.Accelerated Program Requests
​1) NSU – MSEd in Special Education
2) SDSU – Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine
3) USD – Physical Therapy, DPT
H.Intent to Plan Requests
​1)SDSU – Professional Science Master's
I. Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
Policy Revision and Development
​A. BOR Policy Updates and COHE Contract
B. General Education Revisions
C. Preferred Name Guidelines Implementation Update
D. College Application Week Update
E.Program Productivity Report (discussion topic)
F. Small Section Report Suspension
G. Data Request for SDCL § 13-53-54 Report (Programs to Increase Enrollment, Retention, and Support for Students Who Are Tribal Members)
H. Student Recruitment Campaign
I. AAC Guideline 7.1 – Dual/Concurrent Credit Administration Guidelines
J.COVID-19 Response – Roundtable Discussion
​A.​Agreements on Academic Cooperation
​1)SD School of Mines and Technology
B.​Articulation Agreements
1) South Dakota State University
C. Guaranteed Admission Agreement – SDSU & NSU
D. Dual Degree Program Agreement – SDSU & Presentation College
E. MOU Amendment – NSU & Huron Community Campus
F. Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – DSU, SDSU, & USD
G. Site Termination Requests – SDSU
H. Reorganization of Academic Unit – NSU – College of Professional Studies