Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Zoom Call

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9:00 a.m.  5:00 p.m. CST

Tentative Agenda

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(Updated 04/21/2020 5:30pm CST)

Agenda Additions, Changes, and Approval
AAC Calendar Update
e-Education Initiatives
​A. Open Educational resources (OER) Update
​B. Digital Accessibility Update
​C. Learning Management System (LMS) Review
​D.Starfish Update
Curriculum and Program Revisions
Program Modifications
​1) Dakota State University
​2)Northern State University
3)SD School of Mines and Technology
4)South Dakota State University
5)University of South Dakota
Course Modifications
​1)Black Hills State University
​2)Dakota State University
3) Northern State University
4)SD School of Mines and Technology
5)South Dakota State University
6)University of South Dakota
7)General Education Revisions – SDSU
​C.New Program Requests
​1) NSU – Minor in Public Relations
2) SDSU – AS in Engineering Technology
3) SDSU ­– Minor in Public Relations
4) USD – Minor in Legal Studies
5) USD – BA/BS in Legal Studies
D.New Certificate Requests
1) SDSU – Public Health Certificate (Graduate)– Removed per SDSU's Request
​E.New Specialization Requests
​1) SDSU – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialization (MS & DNP Nursing)
​F.Intent to Plan Requests
​1) SDSU – MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
G. Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
Policy Revision and Development
​A.BOR Policy Revisions
​1) BOR Policy 2:3 – System Undergraduate Admissions Revisions
B. Academic Affairs Guidelines
​1) Collaborative German Administration Guideline Revisions (AAC Guideline 2.19)
​2)AAC Guideline 7.1 – Dual / Concurrent Credit Administration Guidelines
C.General Education Update
D. COHE Update
E. Syllabus ADA Accessibility Statement
F. Academic Calendars Update
G. Freshmen Migration Analysis
H. SDBOR State Attainment Dashboard Update
I. Teacher Education Report 2019
J. FAFSA Completion Financial Literacy PWC Pilot
K.SPEC Students and Financial Aid 150% Rule
L. Programs to Increase Enrollment-Retention- and Support for Students Who Are Tribal Members
M. MOU – NSU & South Dakota Educational Access Foundation
N. COVID-19 Response – Roundtable Discussion
​A. New Prefix Requests – SDSMT & USD
​B.​Agreements on Academic Cooperation
​1)Northern State University
C.​Articulation Agreements
1) Black Hills State University
D. MOU – SDSU & Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation
E. Program Review Reports – NSU  (Revised 04/20/2020)
F. Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – DSU, NSU, SDSU & USD