August 27-29, 2019
Drifters Bar & Grille | Event Center
325 East Hustan Ave
Fort Pierre, South Dakota 
- - All times noted are in Central Standard Time - -


(Updated 08/26/2019-- 4:30pm CST)


​  TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2019
​7:00 PMDinner at RedRossa
808 West Sioux Ave, Pierre, SD
​8:00 AMConvene at Drifters Event Center
​8:15 AMIntroductory Remarks
12:15 PM
Break for Lunch
12:45 PM
Reconvene – Drifters
​1:00 PM Presentation on the South Dakota Jump Start Program
2:00 PM Resume Regular Agenda
5:00 PM
Adjourn for the day
​5:30 PM ​Dinner at Drifters
​  THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 2019
​8:00 AMReconvene at Drifters Event Center
     ▪ Resume any unfinished agenda items
12:00 PM


​1. Agenda  Additions, Changes, and Approval
​2. Rolling Calendar
​Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 1 (1:00-5:00pm CST in Madision, SD)
​3. Retreat Discussion Items
​A. Campus Presentations on American Indian Student Services
​–Zip File: Campus PowerPoint Presentations
​B. Future Vision for General Education
C. Instructor Pay in Externally Funded Courses
​D. High School Dual Credit Program Update
​E. College Affordability in South Dakota: A Critical Analysis
​F. Students’ Financial Literacy
​G. Dakota’s Promise Scholarship Proposal Update
​H. Use of Upper Level Credits in Academic Minors
​I. SD College Application Week – Student Affairs Council Recommendations
J. FAFSA Completion Initiative
​K. Revisions to New Academic Program Approval Process
4. Policy Revision and Development
​A. South Dakota Jump Start Evaluation Report
B. COHE Negotiations Update
​C. Intellectual Diversity Discussions Update
​1.Campus Climate Surveys
D.BOR Policy Revisions
​1.BOR Policy 4:X – Modified Duties
​2.BOR Policy 1:29 – State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Revisions (Revised 08/26/2019)
​3.BOR Policy 2:17 – Awarding of Degrees, Graduation Dates, and Catalog of Graduation Revisions
​4.BOR Policy 2:23 – Accelerated Graduate Program Policy Revisions
​E.International Students
​1.Proposal to Increase International Student Fees (Deferred to October AAC Meeting)
​2.AAC Guideline 10.3 – Exchange Program Operation Guidelines Revisions
​F. High Schools as Alternate ACCUPLACER Testing Locations – Update
​G.Discipline Council Membership
​H.X93 Workshop Courses
​I.Advertising for WICHE WRGP Programs
J.US Senate Joint Economic Committee Report on Brain Drain
​K.AAC Guideline 10.6 ­– Transcript Designations
L.​Banner Implementation Update (discussion topic only)
5. Consent
​A.Agreement on Academic Cooperation – NSU
​B.Articulation Agreement – SDSU
​C.Naming Request – SDSMT – Chemistry and Applied Biological Sciences Department
D.Program Review Reports – USD
​E.Accreditation Status Report
F.Agreement on Academic Cooperation – BHSU (Added 08/23/2019)
​G.Articulation Agreement – BHSU (Added 08/23/2019)
​H.Dual / Concurrent Credit Transfer of Credits Agreement ­– John Witherspoon College (Added 08/23/2019)
I.Gen Ed Block Transfer – BHSU ­– John Witherspoon College (Added 08/23/2019)
J.Agreements on Academic Cooperation – USD (Added 08/26/2019)