Thursday, November 8, 2018

South Dakota Board of Regents

306 East Capitol Ave

Basement Level Conference Room

Pierre, South Dakota


10:00 a.m.  5:00 p.m. CST


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(Updated 11/8/2018 -- 12:15pm CST)

Agenda Additions, Changes, and Approval
​2. Rolling Calendar
Curriculum and Program Revisions
Program Modifications
​1)Northern State University
​2)South Dakota State University
​3)University of South Dakota
Course Modifications
​1)Black Hills State University
​2)Northern State University
​3)SD School of Mines and Technology
​4)South Dakota State University
​5)University of South Dakota
​6)USD & SDSMT (Joint BME Courses)
​7)​​Gen Ed Revisions – USD  (Revised 11/08/2018)
​C.New Program Requests
​1)BHSU – MAT in K-12 Special Education
​2)USD & SDSMT – BS in Biomedical Engineering  (Revised 11/05/2018)
​D.​New Certificate Requests
​1)BHSU – International Studies (Undergrad)
​2)DSU – Healthcare Data Analytics (Graduate)
​3)SDSU – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Post-Graduate)
​4)USD – Tourism & Hospitality Marketing (Undergrad)
​5)USD – Health & Culture (Undergrad)
​6)USD – Alternative Teacher Certification (Graduate)
​E.New Specialization Requests
​1)USD – Accounting Analytics (Master of Professional Accountancy)
​F.New Site Requests
​1)SDSU – Geographic Information Sciences Certificate (Online & UC-SF)
​2)SDSU – Geographic Information Sciences Minor (Online)
​G.Intent to Plan Requests
​1)SDSU – MS in Interdisciplinary Studies
Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
Policy Revision and Development
Academic Affairs Guidelines
​1)Obsolete Course Guidelines
​2)Department Chair Evaluation Guidelines
3)Exploratory Studies Guidelines
4)Collaborative German Administration Guidelines  (Revised 11/07/2018)
5)Revisions to AAC Forms 2.7 and 2.8 (New Certificate and New Minor)
​B.​COHE Negotiations*
​C.General Education Zero Sum Course Matrix  (Attachment I)  (Attachment II)
​D.Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio Course
​E.Math Pathway Project Update
F.Accessibility Compliance
​G. Tuition Benefits for Dependents of Faculty
​H.Hiring of Dual-Career Faculty
​I.WICHE Interstate Passport Update
​J.STEM Reporting
​K.Assessment Update
​L.Student Opinion Survey Update
​M.IT Access for New Faculty
​N.Student Well-Being Training
​O.West River Health Care Consortium Management Advisory Committee Agreement
​P.European Union (EU) GDPR
​Q.Approval of Secondary Programs for Banner
​R.Banner Implementation Update  (Attachment I)
​S.Preferred Name Request Guidelines  (Revised 11/02/2018)
​T.Uncommon Course Prerequisites  (Added 11/06/2018)
​A. Agreements on Academic Cooperation
​1)Northern State University
​2)University of South Dakota
​B.Articulation Agreements – SDSU
​C.Revisions to Terminal Degrees Table – SDSMT
​D.Request to Seek Accreditation – SDSMT, USD & DSU  (Revised 11/02/2018)
​E.Inactive Status and Termination Requests – BHSU & NSU
F.​Site Termination Request – USD
​G. Program Review Reports – SDSU
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