August 28-29, 2018
RedRossa Italian Grille | Event Center
Highlands Room
808 West Sioux Ave
Pierre, South Dakota 
- - All times noted are in Central Standard Time - -


(Updated 08/24/2018 -- 1:00pm CST)
​  TUESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2018
​9:45 AMConvene at RedRossa – Highlands Room
​10:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
12:00 PM
Break for Lunch
12:30 PM
Reconvene – RedRossa
​3:00 PM Break
5:30 PM
Adjourn for the day
​5:45 PM ​Dinner at RedRossa
​8:00 AMReconvene at RedRossa Highlands Room
     ▪ Resume any unfinished agenda items
10:00 AM Break
12:00 PM
- - - AGENDA ITEMS - - -
​1. Agenda  Additions, Changes, and Approval
​2. Rolling Calendar
​3. Curriculum and Program Revisions​ ​
A.​Program Modifications
​1.Dakota State University
​B.New Program Requests
​1.DSU – Minor in English as a New Language
​C.New Certificate Requests
​1.DSU – Introductory Graduate Mathematics -&- Advanced Graduate Mathematics
​D.New Specialization Requests
1.DSU – Cryptography (BS in Mathematics)
​2.DSU – Information Systems (BS in Mathematics)
​3.DSU – Intermediate Education (BS in Mathematics)
4.DSU – Secondary Education (BS in Mathematics)
​E.New Site Requests
​1.DSU – BS in Elementary Education (distance)
​F. Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
G.System Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies
H.Course Modification – NSU  (Added 08/23/2018)
​4. Retreat Discussion Items
​A.Faculty Recruitment & Retention
​1.Faculty Retention & Competitiveness
​2.BOR Policy 4:10 – Tenure and Continuing Appointments Revisions
​3.​COHE Negotiations – Sections XI-XXV*
​4.SDSU Presentation: Year-Long Assessment Academies     (PowerPoint)
​B.Curriculum & Program Expansion
​1.Degree Program Evolution
​2.Multi-Institutional Program Collaborations
​3.Program Productivity Restrictions
​4.Section Size Limit Penalty
​C.Student Success Collaborative
​1.DOE Student Data Usage
​2.System Interest in Student Success Collaborative
​3.SDSM&T Presentation: Advising Week
​4.USD Presentation: Finish in Four Campaign     (PowerPoint)
​5.DSU Presentation: Active Title III Grant     (PowerPoint)
​6.NSU Presentation: Professional Academic Advisor     (PowerPoint)
​D.Institutional Enrollment Challenges
​1.BOR Policy 2:5 – Transfer of Credit Revisions
​2.BHSU Presentation: Performance Metrics     (PowerPoint)
​5. Policy Revision and Development
​A.BOR Policy Revisions
​1.BOR Policy 1:23 – Employee-Employee and Faculty-Student Consensual Relationships Revisions
​2.BOR Freedom of Speech Policy Revisions
​3.BOR Policy 5:5:4 – Tuition and Fees: Fees Revisions (Second Reading)
​B.Academic Affairs Guidelines
​1.Exploratory Studies Guidelines
​2.Section Size Guidelines
​3.Student Opinion Survey Guidelines
​4.AAC Guidelines 8.3 & 8.4 – Revisions to General Education Curriculum Requirements  (Revised 08/24/2018)
​5.AAC Guidelines 7.1 Revisions – Dual / Concurrent Credit Administration Guidelines
​C. BOR Expectations for Incoming Executive Director
​D.Accreditation in Higher Education  (Revised 08/30/2018)
​E.Academic Leadership Training Feedback
​F.Assessment Committee Update
G.Banner Projects Update
​H.Common Transfer Equivalencies – Banner     (Excel Attachment)
​6. Consent
​A.Agreements on Academic Cooperation – USD  (Revised 08/23/2018)
​B.Request to Seek Accreditation – SDSU
* Item(s) will not be posted / will be distributed to Council members via email