Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Conference Call


1:00 p.m.  5:00 p.m. CST


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(Updated 4/11/2018 -- 9:30am CST)

Agenda Additions, Changes, and Approval
​2. Rolling Calendar
Curriculum and Program Revisions
Program Modifications
​1)Dakota State University  (Revised 4/10/2018)
​2)Northern State University
​3) ​SD School of Mines and Technology
​4) South Dakota State University
​5)University of South Dakota
Course Modifications
​1)Black Hills State University
​2)Dakota State University
​3)Northern State University
​4)SD School of Mines and Technology
​5) South Dakota State University
​6)University of South Dakota
​C.New Program Requests
​1)NSU – Minor in Chinese
​2)SDSU – Minor in Land Valuation and Rural Real Estate
​3)USD – Minor in Russian Studies
​4)DSU – BS in Cyber Leadership & Intelligence
​D.New Certificate Requests
​1) ​USD – Certificate in Professional Ethics (Undergrad)
​2)USD – Certificate in Forensic Anthropology (Undergrad)
​E.New Specialization
​1)SDSU – MS in Geography – Geographic Information Sciences Specialization
​2)DSU – BS in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialization  (Added 4/9/2018)
​3) DSU – MS in Information Systems – Information Assurance Specialization​  (Added 4/9/2018)
​F.​Intent to Plan Requests
​1)BHSU – MAT in Special Education
​2)SDSU – AS and BS in Data Science
​3) ​DSU – PhD in Cyber Operations and PhD in Information Systems
​4)DSU – PhD in Cyber Defense​  (Added 4/9/2018)
​5)DSU – MS in Security Policy & Management  (Added 4/9/2018)
Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
Policy Revision and Development
BOR Policy Revisions
​1)BOR Policy 2:10 – Grades and Use Grade Point Averages Revisions (Second Reading) and BOR Policy 2:3 – System Undergraduate Admissions (First and Final Reading)
​2)BOR Policy 2:5 – Transfer of Credit Revisions (Second Reading)
​3)BOR Policy 2:12 – Distance Education Revisions (Second Reading)
​4)BOR Policy 5:5:4 – Tuition and Fees: Fees Revisions
​5)BOR Policy 5:15 – Athletics Revisions
​6)Off-Campus Open Admission Policy
Academic Affairs Guidelines
​1)Advanced Placement Credits
​2)International Baccalaureate Guidelines
​3)Minors and Certificates Definitions  (Revised 4/6/2018)
​4)Curriculum & Program Review Processes / AAC Guideline Updates
​C.​E-Education Initiatives
​1)EU Data Protection Regulations
​2)E-Learning Authorization Regulations
​D. Program Productivity Review​  (Revised 4/11/2018)
​E.System Math Pathways Proposal
​F.Project Lead the Way System Matrix Expansion and Revision
​G.Delaware Cost Analysis
​H.Plus / Minus Grading
​I.State-Level Affordability Analysis
​J.Attainment Goal Convening
​K.High School Graduation Requirements
​L.Uncommon Prerequisite Clean-Up   (Excel Attachment)
​M.Selective Service Form Language
​N.​Banner Student
​1)Pre-General and General Education Holds
​2)Common Transfer Equivalencies
​3)Distance Student Tracking
​O.Academic Leadership Training
​A.Agreements on Academic Cooperation – SDSMT
​B.Articulation Agreements – SDSU
​C.Affiliation Agreement – NSU & UND
​D.​​Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – USD
​E.New Prefix Requests – SDSU  (Added 4/9/2018)