Wednesday, February 21, 2018

South Dakota Board of Regents

306 East Capitol Ave

Basement Level Conference Room

Pierre, South Dakota


9:00 a.m.  4:00 p.m. CST


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(updated 2/20/2018 - 2:28pm CST)

Agenda Additions, Changes, and Approval
​2. Rolling Calendar
Curriculum and Program Revisions
Program Modifications
​1)Dakota State University
​2) South Dakota State University
​3)University of South Dakota
Course Modifications
​1)Dakota State University
​2) South Dakota State University
​3)University of South Dakota
​C.New Program Requests
​1)NSU – BA in Criminal Justice
​2)SDSU – Minor in Apparel and Fashion Studies
​3)SDSU – Minor in History of Art and Design
​4)SDSU – Minor in Performing Arts Administration
​5)SDSU – Minor in Retail Merchandising
​6)USD – MS in Business Analytics
D.​ New Specialization – SDSU – MS in Human Sciences – Developmental Sciences Specialization
​E.​Intent to Plan Requests
​1)USD & SDSMT – BS in Biomedical Engineering
​2)DSU – BS in Cyber Leadership and Intelligence  (Added 2/16/2018)
Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
Policy Revision and Development
BOR Policy Revisions
​1)BOR Policies 2:8, 2:12, and 2:27 – New Format Revisions
​2)BOR Policy 2:10 – Grades and Use Grade Point Averages Revisions
​3)BOR Policy 2:5 – Transfer of Credit Revisions
​4)BOR Policy 4:1 – General Personnel Policy Revisions
​5)BOR Policies 1:10:1 through 1:10:6 – Institutional Mission Statements Revisions
Academic Affairs Guidelines
​1)Minors and Certificates Definitions
​2)Curriculum and Program Review Processes
​3)Credit by Examination Guidelines – Portfolios and Portfolio Course
​4)Math and English Placement Guidelines
​5) Obsolete Course Guidelines​
​C.General Education
​1)GE Implementation Guidelines
​2)GE Curriculum Recommendations
​3)Transferrable General Education
​4)Interstate Passport – System General Education Considerations
​D.​E-Education Initiatives
​1)QA Review Activity
​2)2018SP System QA Review Process Summary
​3)EU Data Proctection Regulations  (Added 2/20/2018)
​E.Plus / Minus Grading
​F.Delaware Cost Analysis
​G.​Collective Bargaining*
​H.Professional Licensure Notification Update
​I.HSDC Program Update / Spring 2018 Enrollment
​J.Proactive Admissions Update
​K.​High School Graduation Requirements*
​L.Zero-Sum Curriculum Restrictions
​M.Assessment Summit Update
​N.Initial Math Pathway Recommendations
​O.Independent Study and Section Size
​P.Campus Speaker Tracking    (Excel Template)
​Q.Veteran's Analysis 2018
​R.Banner HR / Finance and Student Implementation Update
​S.Banner Student – Policy Discussions
​T.Common Transfer Equivalencies  (Added 2/20/2018)
​A.Articulation Agreements – SDSU
​B.​​Inactive Status and Program Termination Requests – DSU, SDSU, USD & BHSU
​C.Program Review Report – USD
​D.Terminal Degree Table Revisions – SDSU
​E.Naming Request – Department Name Changes – NSU
​F.SDSU Strategic Realignment Request