August 29-31, 2016
River Rock Lodge
20940 296th Ave
Pierre, South Dakota


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​​Monday, August 29, 2016
7:00 PM Dinner at Red Rossa
Address:  808 W Sioux Ave, Pierre, SD
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
8:30 AMConvene at River Rock Lodge
​     ▪ Begin Discussion Topics
12:00 PM
Break for Lunch
1:00 PM
Reconvene – River Rock Lodge
     ▪ Resume Discussions
5:00 PMAdjourn for the day
6:00 PM
Dinner at View 34
 Address:  4251 SD Highway 34, Pierre, SD (next to Pierre golf course)
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
8:30 AMReconvene at River rock Lodge
     ▪ Resume any unfinished topics from previous day
12:00 PM
Adjourn for the day
     ▪ Paul and Jay – Brief meeting with new Provosts to set up dates in September for orientation
​1.2017 AAC Meeting Schedule
​2.General Education Redesign Next Steps
​3.​COHE Contract Implementation​ ​
​A.Academic Calendar Performance Evaluation
​B.Overload / Summer Pay Calculations
​C.Title IX Grievance Procedures
​4. Native American Student Preparation & Retention
​A.GEAR UP Update
​B.Jump Start / Dual Credit Remediation
​C.College Application Week 2016-17AY
​5. ​​SDBOR Interactive Dashboards
​6.General Education Block Transfer Process
​ A.  WICHE Interstate Passport
7.​Early Alert Review
​8.Academic Misconduct Processes & Procedures
​9.​E-Learning & State Authorization
​A. State Distance Education Authorization – New Regulations
​B.D2L Contract & Next Steps
​C. E-Text / E-Materials Update
​D.Student Technology Fellowship Guidelines
​E.​State Authorization Oversight
​10.​Common Course Catalog
​A.Approved Prefix Cleanup
​B. ​Common Prerequisites
​11.Dual Credit Outcomes and Cost Analysis
​12.Externally Supported Tuition Requests
​13. ​Limits on Registration Holds
​14.Campus Labs Implementation Update
​15.Program Accreditation and Board Metrics
​16Programs Approved for Online and Off-Campus Delivery
​17.​BOR Policy Revisions
​A.BOR Policy 1:7:8 Revision – Discipline Councils
​B.BOR Policy 2:23 and Expediting Program Approvals for UC-SF
​C. ​BOR Policy 2:5 Revision – Transfer of Credit
​D. ​BOR Policy 5:17 Revision – Section Size Exemptions
​E.BOR Policy 2:3 Revision – SAT Scores and GED Scores
​F.BOR Policy 4:25 Revision – FSLA Update
​18.​Academic Affairs Guidelines
​A.Baccalaureate General Education Guideline Revisions
​B.Associate General Education Guideline Revisions
​C.Program Productivity Guidelines      Excel Spreadsheet
​D.Discipline Council Guidelines
​E.Student Opinion Survey Guidelines Revision
​F.Advanced Placement Guidelines – Computer Science Principles
​G.Section Size Guidelines
​H.Placement Guidelines Revision
​I.AAC Guideline for Class Visitor Program and Course Audits (Second Reading)
​J.Minor AAC Guideline Revisions
​K.​Instructional Method Guidelines
​A.Teacher Education Field Experience – Fees & Costs
​B.Shared Responsibility
​C.Shared Principal Preparation Program
​D.Math Pathway & Redesign
​E.Board of Regents FY18 Budget Development Update
​F.EAB Academic Performance Solutions
​20.​Program Modifications
​A. Black Hills State University
​B.​​University of South Dakota
​21.​Course Modifications
​A.Curriculum Approval Process
​B.Northern State University
​C.University of South Dakota
​D.​Gen Ed Revisions – USD
​22.​New Program Requests
​A.​No Report
​23.New Certificate Request – SDSU – Engineering Graphics
​24.New Site Request – USD – Minor in Criminal Justice
​25.Intent to Plan Request – NSU – BFA in Art and Art Education
​26.Summary of Pending and in-Progress Program Requests
A.​​Agreements on Academic Cooperation
​1)SD School of Mines and Technology
​2)South Dakota State University
​3) ​University of South Dakota
​B. ​Program Review Reports – BHSU
​C. Memorandum of Agreement – SDSU & NCTA