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SD Board of Regents
306 East Capitol Ave
Suite 200
Pierre, SD 57501
605 773 3455


August 4, 2011

Conference Call

8:30 am - 5:00 pm CT

ph.  (605) 773-2323, PW#2470


Tentative Agenda
Agenda - Additions, Changes, and Approval
A. March 2011
B. May 2011
C. June 2011
Consent Agenda Items
A. Program Modifications
1) University of South Dakota
B. Course Modifications
1) University of South Dakota
C. Reports (Paul T)
1) No report.
New Programs
A. New Program Requests
1) No report.
B. New Certificate Requests
1) USD - Mental Health Counseling Certificate (Graduate)
C. New Site Requests
1) No report.
D. Intent to Plan Requests
1) No report.
Electronic University Consortium
A. No report.
Policy Revision and Development
A. BOR Policy Revisions
1) BOR 2:3 Admissions Requirements
B. MOCC Issues (Trudy)
1) No report.
C. Early Alert System Review (PT)
D. IDEA Survey Administration (PT)
E. Section Size Guidelines (PT)
F. McGraw-Hill Campus (PT/DP)
G. State Authorization Requirements Update
H. Dual Credit Update
I. Study Abroad Issues
J. Requests for Externally-Supported Tuition Rate
K. Managing Summer Course Offerings
L. Cross Listed Courses
M. SDSU New Prefix Request
N. Conflict of Commitment/Conflict of Interest
O. Institutional Program Review Guidelines
P. Institutional Program Review Schedule
Q. 2011-2012 Discipline Council Membership, Leadership, & Direction
R. Withdrawals
S. Review of Curricular Forms and Processes
T, 2011-2012 AAC Meeting Calendar
U. AAC Retreat Agenda
Faculty Issues
A. Bargaining Update (no materials)
B. Issues from Human Resources