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September 2009 Meeting Agenda and Materials

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BOR Basement Conference Room

Thursday ~ September 10, 2009

8:30 am CT - 3:00 pm CT

1. Agenda - Additions, Changes, and Approval
2. Minutes
A. July 9, 2009
3. Consent Agenda Items
A. Program Modifications
  1) Black Hills State University
B. Course Modifications
  1) Black Hills State University
C. Reports
  1) High School to College Transition Report
  2) Minimum Progression Report
4. New Programs
A. New Program Requests
  1) SDSMT - PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  2) USD - Executive Master of Public Administration
  3) DSU - BS in Professional & Technical Communications
    4) SDSU - Minor in Nuclear Engineering
B. New Certificate Program Requests
  1) BHSU - Professional Writing Certificate
C. New Site Requests
  1) No report.
D. Intent to Plan Requests
  1) SDSU - MS in Athletic Training
5. Electronic University Consortium (Cathy)
A. EUC Website Update
B. Quality Assurance Spring Report
C. EUC Budget Recommendation
D. Five-Year Planning
6. Policy Revision and Development
A. BOR Policy Revisions
  1) BOR 4:22 Nepotism
  2) BOR 5:4 Purchasing
B. MOCC Issues (Trudy)
  1) No report.
C. International Agreements and Study Abroad Programming - also refer to Item 6.O, July 2009
D. 2010 AAC Proposed Meeting Calendar
E. AAC Retreat Agenda
F. Update from BOR Retreat
G. Active Program Review Clean-Up
H. Pandemic Planning
I. Revisions to the GED Requirements
J. 2009-2010 Discipline Council Membership, Leadership, & Direction
K. Required Credit Hours to Degree
L. Updating CIP Codes
M. System Course Transfer Database
N. Course Section Coding (PT)
O. Program Productivity Review
P. Review of Curricular Forms
Q. Pre-registration Update/Information
  R. Remediation/Pearson e-college
  S. Ready Adult Update (PT)
  T. Textbooks for the Disabled
7. Faculty Issues
A. Implementation of the Agreement with COHE – P&T Revision
B. Conflict of Interest Follow-Up (JM)
C. Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Training
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