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August 2008 Meeting Agenda and Materials

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AUGUST 11, 2008

BOR Conference Room

10:00 am - 5:00 PM CT

1. Agenda - Additions, Changes, and Approval
2. Minutes
  A. May 2008
  B. June 2008
3. Consent Agenda Items
  A. Program Modifications
    1. South Dakota State University
  B. Course Modifications
    1. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
  C. Reports
    1. Mobile Computing Initiative  (PT)
4. New Programs (Paul G)    1:00 PM
  A. New Program Requests
    1. SDSU - BS in Biotechnology
    2. SDSU - MS & PhD in Nutritional Sciences
    3. SDSMT - MS in Construction Management
  B. New Certificate Requests
    1. NSU - Executive Banking Certificate
    2. NSU - Intermediate Banking Certificate
  C. New Site Requests
    1. No report.
  D. Intent to Plan Requests
    1. DSU - MS in Health Informatics
5. Electronic University Consortium (Cathy)
  A. EUC Taskforce Update
6. Policy Revision and Development
  A. BOR Policy Revisions
    1. System IT Policies for Review
  B. MOCC Issues (Trudy)
    1. Dual Credit - DWU
    2. Tracking of Honors Students
    3. Spring Pre-registration Timeframe
  C. Approved Programs (PT)    Attachment 1      Attachment 2
  D. Student Opinion Surveys
  E. Credit by Exam and Validation
  F. Class Visitor Guidelines
  G. Personal Finance
  H. AAC Retreat Agenda
  I. Discipline Council Membership
  J. EOC Exams
  K. Placement Guidelines (PT)
  L. AP Guidelines (PT)
  M. HS Counselor's Workshops - also refer to Item 6.J, May 2008
  N. VSA Project (PT)   - also refer to Item 6.M, May 2008
  O. CLEP Guidelines (PT)
  P. CAAP Guidelines Revision (PT)  
  Q. Class Schedules within Summer Term
  R. ESL Programming

Workforce Development: Healthcare -- Budget Request  (PG)

7. Faculty Issues                 10:30 AM
  A. Workload Assignment and Evaluation (JS/JM)
  B. Update on HR Issues Impacting Faculty   (JM)
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