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May 2006 Agenda and Materials




May 9, 2006

12:00 noon or following the BOR meeting

1. Agenda - Additions, Changes, and Approval
2. Minutes
  A. February 2006  
  B. April 2006  
3. General Education, Admissions, Placement, Proficiency Examination
  A. General Education
    1. Pre-General Education Holds
  B. Admissions
    1. No report.  
  C. Placement
    1. CLEP Guidelines (Lynda)
  D. Proficiency Examination
    1. Proficiency Exam Guidelines (Lynda)   MOVED TO JUNE
4. Program Modifications
  A. Program Modification Process
  B. Northern State University
  C. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  D. Black Hills State University
5. Course Modifications
  A. University of South Dakota
  B. Duplicate Courses in the Master Course Database
  C. Northern State University
  D. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  E. Dakota State University
6. Board Reports
  A. Section Size Report and Excel Tables  (Josh)
7. Reports
  A. TQE Grant Update (Sandee)   
8. Policy Revision and Development
  A. BOR Policy Revisions
    1. 2:24 Enrollment Reporting - MOCC Recommendation
  B. South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship
    1. Courses Graded S/U // Credit by Examination
  C. ACT CAAP Content Analysis Reports and CAAP Planning Document (Lynda)
  D. Dual Credit Courses - Tuition (refer to Item 8.D, April 2006)
  E. Instructional Methods Codes (refer to Item 8.E, April 2006)
  F. Winter Interim (refer to Item 8.F, April 2006)
  G. Possible System Minor in Military Science (refer to Item 8.H, April 2006)
  H. Student Petitions (refer to Item 8.J, April 2006)
  I. Turnitin Purchase - English Discipline Council Recommendation
  J. International Baccalaureate - History
  K. Program to Program Articulation
9. Faculty Issues
  A. No report.
10. New Programs, Certificates, Site Requests, and Intents to Plan
  A. New Programs (Paul Gough)
    1. BHSU - MS in Integrative Genomics
    2. SDSU - BS in Aviation
  B. New Certificates
    1. No report.
  C. New Site Requests
    1. No report.
  D. Intents to Plan (Paul)
    1. SDSU - PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
    2. USD - MS in Mathematics
11. Electronic University Consortium (Josh Riedy)
  A. Course Management System Update    *item will be provided at the meeting*
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